“Commissioner in Rome with Michetti? I could not escape”

“Commissioner in Rome with Michetti? I could not escape”
“Commissioner in Rome with Michetti? I could not escape”

“I, Commissioner? Surely it is something I know how to do” and a proposal from which, as a “man of the institutions”, “I could not escape”. He tells the Adnkronos Guido Bertolaso, who, intervening on the idea of ​​the center-right candidate for mayor in Rome Enrico Michetti to propose him – if elected – as commissioner of the Jubilee, underlines: “Michetti was intelligent because he recalled that I worked a little with everyone, Rutelli, Prodi, Berlusconi, because I am a man of institutions. Indeed, it was even more intelligent because he said ‘I will ask the government to appoint Bertolaso ​​as commissioner’, so possibly Draghi should be the one to assign me a post of this kind. It seems to me a very correct procedure, which I certainly could not avoid “.

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“In recent months they have painted me as if Rome did not interest me because I did not apply and I vaccinated all the Lombards – adds Bertolaso ​​- But there is nothing more unfounded because for me, after my family comes Rome, almost on the same level as my homeland. For me, Rome is essential. “In the meantime, he stresses,” we have brought home an important result: we got rid of the worst mayor the city has ever had, Raggi. He is said to have had extraordinary personal success. Balle: it is the first time in history that a mayor does not reach the ballot, it came last among the four candidates, so the citizens recognized that it was certainly not adequate “.

“And now we start again – he continues – If Michetti wins and activates this procedure, I make myself available because it means working for my country. Obviously, always free, as I am doing now in Lombardy. And for Rome I would work day and night and beyond” .

Michetti “is a Roman from Rome, which is no small thing. One very well oriented, passionate, much better than what the newspapers write. It made a very good impression on me. Unfortunately, he has a problem, but no one is perfect: he is from Lazio … “.

“If Gualtieri wins, they will appoint another commissioner … Someone like Arcuri or something like that, which obviously suits that political party better. Let’s not forget that Gualtieri was Minister of Economy in Conte two, which, in my humble opinion, has great responsibility for what happened in Italy with the covid epidemic “, he continues.

“Even Calenda – Bertolaso ​​recalls – had the intention of involving me. So it is not a choice of the center right but a choice of candidates who care more about the city than names, cards, political affiliations”.

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