“Organized crime in the Prefectures and at the Ministry of the Environment”. The delirium of Morra

“Organized crime in the Prefectures and at the Ministry of the Environment”. The delirium of Morra
“Organized crime in the Prefectures and at the Ministry of the Environment”. The delirium of Morra

Nicola Morra, president of the Anti-Mafia Commission, came out saying that “organized crime” must not be sought “only in the suburbs and degraded places” but also “in the prefectures and the Ministry of the Environment”. Words that have caused scandal on the part of all the Italian institutions or almost. Many, in these hours, have reacted by raising a real storm. The one that now strikes the grillino exponent. A shot, that of the member of the 5 Star Movement, which meant that in fact some ministers were also commenting.

Among these, there is also the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, who spoke of “unsubstantiated allegations”: “We take note of the serious statements made by the President of the Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Commission Nicola Morra – the technician pointed out, as retraced by the Lapresseand we ask that the chairman make known all the information in his possession in order to be able to intervene in the appropriate fora“. Those of Morra, for Minister Cingolani, are words that” offend the credibility and the work of the employees of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. “But Roberto Cingolani was not the only head of the Dicastery to take a stand on Morra’s sentences immediately after the emergence of the contents.

Even the minister Luciana Lamorgese he said his, inviting Morra to clarify and defining everything as “very serious” and “unacceptable”: “These are very serious and unacceptable statements as they are addressed to the institutions involved in the territories to guarantee legality and safety at the service of citizens”, thundered the Minister of the Interior, who then added the following: “President Morra should immediately clarify on the basis of which elements or evaluations he made his statements – Lamorgese continued – The activity carried out by the prefectures to counter criminal organizations and their illicit interests cannot in any way be questioned, in a moment which is extremely delicate for the country in which the attention is increasingly high against criminal appetites to prevent the huge resources of the NRP from being attacked “. Some emphasis on the “moment”, therefore, which for the Minister of the Interior does not foresee that statements of this type can be without specifications.

The parties are also intervening on the incident. Some sources of the League they asked Lamorgese to go through with the case. The party led by Matteo Salvini has had its say, as well as retraced theActed, thundering: “Better late than never – the leaguers made their debut – , after the League’s complaints, the Interior Minister also asked Nicola Morra to account for his words: now we expect Lamorgese to go all the way “. It’s still: “The president of the Anti-Mafia Commission has made very heavy insinuations against prefectures and the ministry of the environment: now you bring out the evidence or resign, as he had to do for some time given the insults addressed even to Jole Santelli and the arrogance with which he had demanded the anticovid vaccination to relatives. The fight against the mafia – they commented on the Carroccio – it is too serious and important to entrust it to an inadequate character like Morra “.

In short, among the political forces there are those who are beginning to demand the resignation of the president of the anti-Mafia Commission. And it seems that the list of those who demand a step back from Morra may grow over the next few hours.


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