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The complaint of a 33-year-old from Monreale: “For travel expenses the operator told me to contact the councilorship.” After the controversy, the hospital finds her a place in the city. The protests on social media: “It happened to me too, on the island health care has been a disaster even before the covid”

A 33-year-old woman from Monreale went with her husband to the Cup (Single Booking Center) of the Civic Hospital of Palermo to book a venous and arterial Doppler ultrasound for the legs. At the single center she was given the booking sheet with a bitter surprise: the exam was scheduled for next Friday at 2.30 pm at outpatient clinic on the island of Lampedusa, in via Grecale. There are no seats available in the Palermo facilities and so the woman, according to the Cup, should take the plane at her own expense and, with an hour’s flight, reach the island of the Pelagie to perform the exam.

The lady’s protest

The cost of the eco-Doppler, apart from airline tickets, is 41 euros and 30 cents. “There was no way of making the operator understand that it was impossible for us to reach Lampedusa – says the woman -. When I asked who I should contact for the cost of the tickets, I was told to contact the regional health department ».

The hospital replica

According to the hospital management, “the Sanità Sicilia booking system allows the Cup of the Arnas Civico, only for some services, including the ecocolordoppler exam, to act in circularity, that is in communion of specific agendas with the other Cups (Asp territory). On the first free date, the user was offered the clinic that the system, not Arnas, offered. The procedure requires the immediate consent of the user, under penalty of failure to register the booking. It would seem that the same has already paid the ticket. As for the words of the Cup operator addressed to the user, inviting him to contact the regional health department for the cost of tickets, the head of the company operating structure, on bereavement leave, will interrogate the system to identify his identity and obtain clarifications on the case”. The hospital later let the woman know that the exam will be done on 20 October at the ASP center of Palermo.

The reaction of social networks

The story sparked the reactions of Sicilians on social media and on the sites of local newspapers, also due to the fact that the solution to the lady’s case was found only after the affair was brought to the attention of the media. Enza writes, in the comments of The newspaper of Sicily: «It is not new that health in Palermo no longer works. Now with the excuse of Covid. But this has already been the case for some years. I give up on investigations and I keep the problems as long as I can. And it is not clear why we are reduced to this ». On the same site Salvatore complains: “To me too for an electrocardiogram they wanted to send me to Lampedusa.” Peo comments: «Actually it was like this even before Covid. Sicilian health care has been a manger of money for decades and island politicians (all of them) keep well away from taking measures ». Edoardo reports: “After the affair has been brought to the attention of the media, the hospital announces that the examination can be done in Palermo on October 20”.

October 9, 2021 (change October 9, 2021 | 1:00 pm)


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