Comiso loses Rome and (in part) also Milan: from next Friday no more flights – Comiso

Comiso loses Rome and (in part) Milan. In fact, from next Friday there will be no flights to the capital from the Hyblean airport due to the cessation of Alitalia’s activities. The company was dissolved and in its place it will operate Ita with national and international flights. In the transition from the old to the new company, some agreements will have to be renewed, including those for territorial continuity. The “Pio La Torre” is directly interested because it has enjoyed for 8 months the benefits ensured by the agreement with Alitalia which flew to Rome and Milan at special rates, but above all fixed and not affected by market fluctuations. For the area it was a great opportunity in particular for the daily connection with Rome and Milan, even if the Lombard capital, after the stop of Alitalia, will be reachable thanks to the flight insured by Ryan Air. Soaco, the management company of Pio La Torre, has activated an urgent procedure for the exclusive assignment of territorial continuity services on the two routes but the tender has gone deserted, probably because it is not attractive from a commercial point of view. Soaco is in contact with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Sicilian Region, ENAC and the Municipality of Comiso, to find a solution. The solution is linked to the publication of a new tender in the European Official Journal, for a definitive assignment for three years, capable of collecting the interest even of foreign carriers if Ita were not interested.

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