Cut yourself out: no resources from Rome to redo the city but the Municipality still hopes

Cut yourself out: no resources from Rome to redo the city but the Municipality still hopes
Cut yourself out: no resources from Rome to redo the city but the Municipality still hopes

Arezzo, 9 October 2021 – After the Piuss loan which helped to change the face of the city, and after the suburbs call for proposals with which new strategic and expected construction sites will soon be launched, Il Pinqua would have been one of the most substantial public funding for the city . We use the conditional because at this point the resources: about 6.4 million, are hanging by an ever thinner thread. Yesterday Minister Giovannini signed the decree with which almost three billion euros are assigned to 159 projects. Arezzo is not there.

In the ranking of projects deemed eligible, released in July, the Arezzo project was in 267th place out of 271. Some hope at this point is linked to two factors: “the beneficiary bodies – as stated in the decree – will have to transmit to the Ministry, within 30 days from the date of publication of the decree, the time schedule of the individual projects reshaped on the new deadline to confirm the willingness to join the program. Otherwise, the ranking will be scrolled ».

In case of scrolling of the ranking, the municipality would still have a long list of entities that could benefit from the funding. Another way remains open. The other proposals presented, considered admissible by the high commission but for which the financial endowment is not sufficient, “can be admitted to financing if additional resources are found”, it says. In short, if the available ceiling grows everything would become simpler.

We will see over time if this will happen, but for the moment the planning of the two planned projects would risk slipping. We are talking about the intervention on some public housing units and the new employment center in the square of the former Cadorna, around which a new design of the area had been conceived. Beyond the planned work, the first real step towards the transformation of the area that was once a barracks and which today is both a parking lot and the seat of many municipal branches.

The whole affair leaves the administration with a bitter taste in the mouth, Arezzo Casa that with those resources could have worked on buildings, but above all the families who have lived in those houses and have been waiting for work for years. But let’s rewind the tape of a story that seemed to have started with excellent expectations and today remains hanging on a thread of hope. On 22 July there was the announcement of the administration to greet the arrival of the loan.

“It is therefore with satisfaction – commented the mayor Alessando Ghinelli – that I learn that Arezzo is the recipient of 6.4 million euros to invest in the areas we have identified, Tortaia and Piazza Amintore Fanfani”. Satisfaction also on the part of the councilors who had participated in the realization of the project: Francesca Lucherini, Monica Manneschi and Alessandro Casi.

Then the next day some doubts advanced also on these columns began to creep in: would the resources allocated to finance the Arezzo project be enough? “There is no doubt – councilor Monica Manneschi replied – we had absolute guarantees. And besides, ours is a serious project, one of those on which the Municipality can immediately anticipate the resources, as required by the announcement. I wonder how many of the others will be able to do the same ». And it is the question to which the hopes of recovering those precious resources now hang from the test of facts.

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