Milan, Beppe Sala presents the new council in record time: 6 women out of 12 councilors

Milan, Beppe Sala presents the new council in record time: 6 women out of 12 councilors
Milan, Beppe Sala presents the new council in record time: 6 women out of 12 councilors

Twelve councilors, six women, six departments occupied by the dem (who took 34 percent from the municipal councils), not even five days to form the new council: Giuseppe Sala, mayor reconfirmed with 57 percent of the votes and already in the first round, runs. On the other hand, he had already said it on Tuesday at the post-vote press conference: “The new council will arrive within a week.” And yesterday, on the twentieth anniversary of the Linate accident, the mayor reiterated «I am very calm, I think more or less I have the council in mind, we are in the finishing touches. I listen to everyone, but then the Milanese are guaranteed to have a mayor who decides with his head independently, so I honestly don’t see any problems ».

And so the new Milanese government team for the next five years will be made up of twelve councilors – the maximum number that Milan, as a metropolitan city, can have – of which six women and some under 30. The training, from a political point of view, will be made by six of the Democratic Party, two civics, two technicians, a reformist and a green. As for the Democratic Party, after days of grueling negotiations and not without friction, the knot of Pierfrancesco Maran, the most voted in Italy with 9,166 preferences, former Councilor for Urban Planning of Room 1 and Mobility and Transport with Pisapia. He, not much loved by the mayor due to discussions on some issues related to urban planning – in particular, the dispute between Sala and Maran had been heated on the future of Pirellino and on the role that Catella’s group should have played in this sense – at In the end, the councilorship of the House will be grabbed, which also for Sala is strategic in a perspective of working side by side with the Lombardy Region: in fact, the mayor would like to build a common company between Palazzo Marino and Palazzo Lombardia to manage the real estate assets of public construction, thus surpassing MM (of the Municipality) and Aler (of the Region). But Maran could hold the position for a limited time given that in 2023 two important elections are expected: the political and the regional ones. And the Milanese and Lombard demos have set their sights on the latter, as well as the mayor, who has been saying for months that “in 2023 we will have to conquer the Lombardy Region”.

Among the dem will have a role among the councilors also Anna Scavuzzo, reconfirmed as deputy mayor already on Tuesday, and who will assume the powers of Education; Lamberto Bertolè who will address the Social Policies; the new entry Gaia Romani, 25, 2,201 votes on her first candidacy, who will deal with Equal Opportunities. The important delegation to Transport could go to the former leader of the Democratic Party Filippo Barberis, who also did not shine at the polls but enjoys the esteem of Sala, while the Department of Labor and Productive Activities could go to the dem Elena Buscemi, which however it is also disputed by the Reformists Alessia Cappello and Giulia Pastorella. On the border between the dem and the reformists also the delegation to security, which could go to the Pd Arianna Censi or Beatrice Uguccioni or to the reformists Cappello and Pastorella.

Certain technical departments: Urban Planning, the most important department in Milan and that Sala did not want to hand over to Maran, will go to a trusted man by the mayor, a technician. And Culture, for which Sala has chosen the current councilor of Dario Nardella, Tommaso Sacchi, very close to Stefano Boeri.

At the civic list of the mayor, the capilista Emmanuel Conte and Martina Riva will respectively go to the Budget and the Department of Youth and Sport. The Environment would go to the Greens, more likely headed to Elena Grandi, although the most voted on the list was the former Pd Carlo Monguzzi, who in the past had clashed with the mayor on some green issues, including the future of the Meazza and the new – probable – stage.

Finally, the mayor will keep for himself the management of the PNRR funds, which will be the framework within which the whole junta will move for the next five years.

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