Milan, today the new council of Beppe Sala (who will manage the Pnrr). In Maran the task of public housing –

Milan, today the new council of Beppe Sala (who will manage the Pnrr). In Maran the task of public housing –
Milan, today the new council of Beppe Sala (who will manage the Pnrr). In Maran the task of public housing –

Pierfrancesco Maran will deal with public housing and the possible merger with the housing now managed by Aler (and therefore by the Lombardy Region). One of the knots is untied. The record holder of preferences in Milan (but also in Italy) with over 9,000 personal consents will therefore come in from the main door to manage one of the most delicate matches of the next five years. Resolved the Maran issue, except for last-minute surprises, today Beppe Sala’s second council should be officially launched. A team of twelve assessors with scheme 6-2-2-1-1. Six of the Democratic Party, two “civics”, two technicians, a reformist, a green.

Let’s start with certainties. Sala will keep for himself the management of the funds arriving from the NRP, the architrave of the administrative action of the next five years. The highly confirmed deputy mayor will be Anna Scavuzzo who will also deal with education. Another certainty, the return to Milan from Florence of Tommaso Sacchi, now councilor for culture of Dario Nardella’s council. Instead, Emmanuel Conte, first of the elected on the mayor’s list, will supervise the accounts of Palazzo Marino, while Martina Riva, second in terms of number of votes in the “civic” of Sala, should deal with Youth and Sport. Lamberto Bertolé, outgoing president of the Palazzo Marino classroom, should instead take a seat in the Welfare chair. Probably then that Gaia Romani, another very young elected (but with the Democratic Party), can receive the delegations to Participation and Equal Opportunities. Another certainty is the technical profile of the future city planning councilor, a chair until yesterday occupied by Pierfrancesco Maran.

From here on, the hypotheses become even more nebulous. TOThe work and productive activities could go to one between Alessia Cappello and Giulia Pastorella, both elected on the list of the Reformists. Alternatively, it would be up to Elena Buscemi of the Democratic Party. Indirectly connected to this box, the security game, which could end up in the hands of Beatrice Uguccioni or Arianna Censi, both of the Democratic Party. Or assigned to one of the two reformists elected, Cappello and Pastorella.

The outgoing “dem” group leader Filippo Barberis speaks with a certain insistence about the uncomfortable chair of the Transports, while the last unknown is in the green house: the favorite for the Environment Department is Elena Grandi, the second most voted after the stainless Carlo Monguzzi who, however, collected 1,276 preferences. Last-minute surprises signed by the mayor cannot be ruled out.

From this scheme it would remain outside Marco Granelli, the father of cycle paths and of the revolution green of the last term: the outgoing councilor for Mobility could “be satisfied” with the highest seat in the classroom, that of the president of the city council. «I am very calm. I have the junta in my head, we are in the finishing touches. I listen to everyone, but then the Milanese need the guarantee of having a mayor who decides with his own head, independently. I see no problems, ”Beppe Sala said yesterday morning, on the sidelines of the commemoration ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the Linate massacre.

To Mayor Sala Giorgio Goggi, former candidate for mayor of Socialists and Liberals, proposes to establish two new departments: to Waters and Health. «We need to reopen the Navigli and rebuild the territorial health system. The city will be grateful to you for a long time », says Goggi.

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