1,200,000 signatures filed in the Supreme Court – Corriere.it

1,200,000 signatures filed in the Supreme Court – Corriere.it
1,200,000 signatures filed in the Supreme Court – Corriere.it
from Claudio Del Frate

If the request passes the scrutiny of the judges, vote scheduled between April and June 2022. The question asks for the abolition of article 579 of the criminal code which punishes the murder of a consenting person

They have exceeded quota 1 million and 200,000 the signatures collected in support of the referendum on euthanasia legal. This was announced by the Luca Coscioni association, promoter of the campaign and whose representatives today deposited all the boxes containing the subscriptions to the Court of Cassation. It will now be up to the judiciary to decide whether the referendum can lead to the evaluation of the electorate. They were present in front of the Cassation building this morning Marco Cappato, Mina Welby, Valeria Imbrogno (partner of DJ Fabo, whose story has become a symbol of the fight in favor of euthanasia). It was a record referendum campaign, first of all the first on which the signatures will be deposited after 10 years, recording an extraordinary popular mobilization and above all in the height of summer they declared.

The referendum question proposes thepartial repeal of article 579 of the penal code which punishes lmurder of the consenting party. The signatures collected will now have to be screened by the central office for referendums of the Cassation which must verify their validity. If there is the approval of the Court, the floor will pass to the Constitutional Court, which is responsible for assessing whether the question is in line with the Italian Constitution. If this exam is passed, the citizens will be called to the polls to vote in on a Sunday between April 15 and June 15 next year.

The Constitutional Court, with one ruling of September 2019 precisely on the Cappato-Dj Fabo case, he had declared that anyone who helps someone to take their own life is not punishable as long as certain conditions are met (for example that the patient is suffering from an irreversible disease and is fully capable of expressing his will). At that point it would have been desirable to have an intervention by Parliament with a law capable of filling the void of law that has arisen . Which has not happened for these two years. The latest trace the approval that took place last July in justice commission to the room of a basic text on refusal of health treatments and lawfulness of euthanasia.

The sprint on the collection of signatures was also made possible by the new law which, since last July, has allowed the collection of consents also in digital form thanks to the platform activated by the Luca Coscioni association. Within a few weeks, not only the campaign in favor of euthanasia but also the campaign took off legalization of cannabis, for the abolition of hunting and for the reform of justice. All questions destined to overcome the wall of 500,000 subscriptions to submit the referendum request.

Currently fully decriminalized euthanasia in Spain, Belgium, Holland, Canada. In other states, for example in Swiss, allowed as long as the patient has a active role in the administration of the lethal drug.

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