Not only Italy, the results of the other qualifying matches for the U21 European Championship: French manita

Not only the victory of Italy Under 21 in Bosnia, today another 15 matches were played valid for qualifying for the U21 European Championship. These are all the results:

Moldova 1-0 Wales
Bosnia-Italy 1-2
Bulgaria 5-0 Gibraltar
Lithuania 2-1 Malta
Belarus 0-2 Greece
Croatia-Norway 3-2
Russia-Northern Ireland 1-0
Sweden 3-1 Montenegro
Ireland-Luxembourg 2-0
Azerbaijan-Finland 1-1
France-Ukraine 5-0
Estonia 0-4 Austria
Switzerland-Netherlands 2-2
Belgium-Kazakhstan 2-0
Hungary 2-2 Poland
Spain-Slovakia 3-2


Italy results qualifying matches U21 European Championship French manita

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