Grandma, Italy killed my loved ones, Eitan remains – Middle East

Grandma, Italy killed my loved ones, Eitan remains – Middle East
Grandma, Italy killed my loved ones, Eitan remains – Middle East

(ANSA) – TEL AVIV, 08 OCT – “Italy has killed my father, my daughter and my nephew. They can’t take Eitan too. What’s left for me, do you understand?”. Esther Cohen Peleg, the child’s maternal grandmother, launched her indictment at the end of today’s closed-door hearing that marked the resumption of the hearing on the story of the little survivor of the Mottarone tragedy at the Tel Aviv Family Court .

A hearing at which Esther Cohen Peleg – who appeared unexpectedly in the court in the afternoon – was not admitted by judge Iris Ilotovich Segal and which for this reason triggered her grievances.

In the courtroom were present instead Aya Biran Nirko, the paternal aunt in charge of the tutelage of Eitan who turned to the Tel Aviv Court to get the child back on the basis of the Hague Convention, and Shmuel Peleg, maternal grandfather, former husband of Esther, who brought the child to Israel from Italy where he is under investigation for kidnapping. Now, tomorrow evening – apparently, given that the lawyers of the parties have not made any statements – the debate will go on with the lawyers of the parties who will argue in favor – those of the Biran – or against – those of the Pelegs – the recourse to the Convention ‘Aja. The sessions will resume on Sunday with the last hearing. The judge will then take her time to decide. In the meantime, little Eitan will continue the alternation of three days with Aya Biran and with his grandfather Shmuel, as foreseen by the “temporary agreement” reached between the families last September 23rd. (HANDLE).


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Grandma Italy killed loved Eitan remains Middle East

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