“No refusal from Rome. It was de Magistris’ election campaign. “

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08 October 2021 13:34


“From the news that I acquired from Sapna it appears that the hypothesis put forward to receive a quantity that is actually rather trivial, 150 tons per day, has not been followed up. At the moment, therefore, no interregional transfer of waste is taking place. triumphant announcement of the now no longer mayor of the metropolitan city seems to me to be read more in the context of the electoral campaign than as a gesture of concrete solidarity with a people in suffering “.

Thus Fulvio Bonavitacola, vice president of the Campania Region and councilor holder of the delegation to the environment, responding in the Regional Council to a question presented by the councilor of the M5S Maria Muscarà on the “import of urban waste produced by the city of Rome” in the Stir plants of the province of Naples, a hypothesis that had been talked about a few months ago. Bonavitacola explained that “the Campania Region did not perform any authorization or other functions, because the hypothesis that had been advanced by Ama towards the Sapna company was a hypothesis that concerned the recovery treatment of this waste, not landfill disposal.

The environmental code imposes the interregional agreement for the disposal of waste in landfills, it does not provide for the recovery treatment. When I learned of this hypothesis from the press, at the end of July and beginning of August, I inquired, I also heard the colleague councilor of Lazio who confirmed to me that there was a generic will but not yet materialized and actualized. At that point I informally called the managers of Sapna and said that we had no prejudicial opposition, on the other hand we did not have the competence to prevent this transfer. I recommended that any initiative not lead to harm the ordinary cycle and cause criticality of the waste cycle in Campania and I was given reassurance that there was no criticality, and that the quantities were so modest that they would not have caused any problems ” .


refusal Rome Magistris election campaign

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