Minutes of Amara, filing of the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco requested

Minutes of Amara, filing of the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco requested
Minutes of Amara, filing of the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco requested

In a long interview just under a month ago he said he expected this given the documentary evidence. Today the filing request for Francesco Greco, head of the Milan prosecutor’s office, has arrived. At the request of prosecutor of Brescia. Greco had been registered in the register of suspects omission of official documents for the case of the lawyer’s minutes Piero Amara, a former external lawyer of Eni investigated by various prosecutors and already convicted of corruption in judicial acts following a plea bargain, on the alleged lodge Hungary which would include magistrates, high officials and prominent public figures. At present, Amara’s claims have not found any confirmation from the investigators of Perugia who are investigating for secret association.

His colleague asked to dismiss Greco’s position Francesco Prete owner with the pm Donato Greco of the investigation that more generally concerns the Milanese proceedings on Eni and the storm that hit part of the Italian judiciary. Investigation that continues for the deputy prosecutor of Milan Laura Pedio while it was closed for the adjunct Fabio De Pasquale, for the prosecutor Sergio Spadaro (now at the European prosecutor’s office). The investigations also closed for the former councilor Piercamillo Davigo and the prosecutor Paolo Storari protagonists of the delivery of the minutes of Amara – secret – because Storari believed that the investigations on Amara’s statements were slow.

The investigations into Francesco Greco had been opened three months ago after the statements made during the interrogations last May in front of the Brescia prosecutors by Storari, instead accused of revelation of official secrecy in competition with Davigo. Greco, heard twice, was accused of not having promptly proceeded with the registration of the crime reports after the revelations made in December 2019 by Amara to the adjunct Pedio and to the prosecutor Storari, then respectively owner and co-assignee of the file on the so-called forgery Eni conspiracy.

Storari, who then claimed to have repeatedly asked Greco and Pedio to start investigations to verify the reliability of Amara, receiving no response, according to him, from the inertia of his bosses, handed over the minutes of those serious statements on the lodge to Davigo for self-protection and possibly the opening of a case to the CSM. These minutes, as soon as Davigo retired, would be delivered by his secretariat, Marcella Contraffatto, in the editorial offices of some newspapers.

The archiving request is essentially motivated by the fact that it was not up to Greco to proceed with the entries in the register of suspects, then carried out in May last year, there was an added and a pm. Furthermore, Storari’s written emails are from the end of April 2020 while the previous verbal requests for investigations on the alleged Hungarian Lodge are not proven. For this matter, Pedio is also accused of omitting official acts. Greco’s deputy is then investigated for the management of the former manager of the oil company Vincenzo Armanna, great accuser in the trial that arose around the Nigerian affair (in the first instance all the defendants were acquitted) and for this enhanced by the adjunct Fabio De Pasquale and by Spadaro they too ended up under investigation for refusal of official documents.

Instead, the investigations were closed, as reported by some newspapers, for the former director of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo and for the Milanese prosecutor Paolo Storari and for the adjunct Fabio De Pasquale and the prosecutor, now at the European prosecutor, Sergio Spadaro.

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