Rome, the Friedkin revolution is not over: two pieces are still missing

It’s not over. Even if the Texan revolution can be said to have come a long way after it was made official two days ago the change of CEO, goodbye and thanks Guido Fienga, welcome Pietro Berardi. But to the new Rome that the family Friedkin is building, a couple of pieces are still missing to be able to define it completed, hoping, of course, that it will later prove to be a winner. Tasselli that the property, as always protected, by choice, by absolute silence, has been looking for for a while. First of all a new Francesco Calvo, or the Chief Operating Officer, stuff that for us humans means Director general. In truth, Dr. Calvo, highly esteemed by the property, still lives in the Roma family. He resigned in the first weeks of this year, while ensuring continuity on some commercial issues that he was following firsthand. Continuity that turned into a consultancy contract until last September 30th, then extended at the end of this year with tasks also extended to relations with Italian and European football institutions (it was Calvo who accompanied the president to the first meeting of the ECA in which Mr. Dan attended). But if something doesn’t happen at the unexpected moment, there will be a need to find a new Bald. As far as we know, the consultations have already started and there would have been a couple of talks with a Florentine manager and another from Campania.

Then there is a need to find a new Sales Director since, not too long ago, Dr. Giorgio was greeted It shines. There are also rumors for this situation, but it is almost impossible to find minimal confirmation as the property does not like any news leaks, which if it were to happen would mean burning the name of the possible chosen one. To say, for example, how the Friedkins move, we were told that, a few days ago the news of the possible opening of the season ticket campaign in the event of an expansion of the stadium capacity to 75 percent (official since yesterday) leaked. , the property has made no secret of not having liked.

By the end of the year, however, the two new figures should enter the company organization chart. An organization chart that in less than fourteen months, the family Friedkin has practically overturned in its entirety. Of Rome branded James Pallotta, there are very few left. The lawyer Mauro Baldissoni he resigned from his position as vice president with responsibility for the stadium issue. Sports secretary Leo Longo was greeted without too many regrets. Manolo Zubiria (reports Uefa, big boss of Trigoria, Global Sport Officier) and Paul Rogers (Head of Media) quickly realized that there was an air of renewal in Trigoria. Federica also greeted Bafaro (Chief of staff), as mentioned, Giorgio Brambilla, commercial director. Lastly, it is history of these days, there was the divorce by mutual agreement with CEO Guido Fienga who will remain as a consultant-advisor until the end of this year.

To many departures, of course many arrivals were reflected, as a number more numerous than goodbyes. A Tiago Pinto the football area of ​​the company has been entrusted in its entirety, he will have to answer only to mister Dan and mister Ryan. Stephen Scalera from the institutions it arrived to follow the new stadium affair (which for communication was entrusted to Maurizio Costanzo). He was hired as Head of Marketing l’olandese Max Van den Doel, Maurizio Lombardo is the new Sports Secretary, Lorenzo Vitali the person in charge oflegal office, Francesco Pastorella of the Roma Department, Roberto Murgo the chief of staff, Betty Bavagnoli of the women’s section, Simone The slave Morgan’s closest collaborator De Sanctis for the youth sector. e-sweet at the bottom there is a new CEO, Dr. Pietro Berardi which will be fully operational from next January 1st.
In short, a real revolution has been carried out. But it’s not over yet.

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