“My name is Mussolini and I’ll tell you why Gramellini is wrong …”

“My name is Mussolini and I’ll tell you why Gramellini is wrong …”
“My name is Mussolini and I’ll tell you why Gramellini is wrong …”

“Doctor Gramellini speaks for himself”. Rachele Mussolini, in this long interview that he has granted us, thus replies to the deputy director of Corriere della Sera who, ‘in his café’ today, joined the chorus of indignant at the electoral success that the Duce’s niece obtained in Rome.

What annoys you the most about Gramellini’s editorial?

“Doctor Gramellini stopped at a personal data, my name and my surname, making superficial, simplistic and, if he allows me, even offensive evaluations. For my party, Fratelli d’Italia, which is continuing to grow in exponentially thanks to the consistency that distinguishes us; and for the undersigned, who during these five years of electoral mandate has worked daily with commitment and dedication, taking part in commissions, producing acts, carrying out initiatives and touring among the people in a way to get to know even better, hearing it directly from the mouth of the citizens, the problems of Rome. And all with one goal: to make a concrete contribution to our city “.

You in Rome made the boom in votes and, on the left, there is a scandal. But can it be argued that the Romans elected a “dangerous fascist”?

“The left can say what it wants, I don’t care. Among other things, some of its voters chose me with separate voting. Rather, I believe that the Romans have understood that I am a person who has put my commitment to the fore. in 2016, working belly to the ground and paying close attention to civic and concrete issues such as waste or the widespread security deficit, but also going directly to the area to talk to families who experience the discomfort of the most popular neighborhoods. entered the homes of hundreds of people and I was able to identify with the difficulties that these people were facing because perhaps they were unjustly overridden in a ranking or excluded from vital bonuses and subsidies. And this probably paid off. Above all because of one. what I am absolutely certain: whatever I have done, I have always acted with attitude and tenacity. And in the future I will continue on the same path “.

Do you consider your name and surname “a burden”?

“Far from it. I learned to live with it since I was a child. At school my peers pointed to me, but then Rachele came out and the person prevails over her surname, however heavy”.

Do you think that all these controversies can damage Michetti in view of the ballot?

“Absolutely not. Enrico Michetti is a good administrator, a decidedly different figure from those who generally nominate the usual business factions. Speaking for him are the dozens and dozens of assignments also conferred on him by left-wing administrations to solve problems and the administrative issues of many municipalities. In short, I honestly believe that Enrico Michetti could be the ideal candidate for mayor in Rome. Now more than ever, in fact, we need a person who is truly capable of solving the many problems of the capital, and not a that he must learn to administer on the skin of the Romans. We have already lost too much time “.

It would be obvious to ask her for an opinion on fascism, but if she wants to tell us her …

“Look, I am in the Brothers of Italy since 2016, that is, in a political movement that has always adopted a defined code of ethics. In our movement there is no room for racial hatred, totalitarian temptations or historical nostalgia. we naturally wear them in politics as well as in life “.

And, above all, what sensations does it cause you to always have to, in some way, come to terms with that historical period?

“I have no particular feelings. Do you define it as a historical period? Me too, for this reason I sometimes say” talking about fascism is a long story. ” always ready a new work to talk about that time. They are authors and publishers who talk about Fascism and they usually do it in historical terms. I personally prefer to deal with this time which I consider inauspicious and difficult for a country that deserves a better government. look at the destinies of my city, at the future of the many children of Rome who will decide to grow and live here. And it will not be a surname that will make the difference, but the commitment of the person “.

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