Weekend in Rome: walking tour in the beautiful and in the new

Weekend in Rome: walking tour in the beautiful and in the new
Weekend in Rome: walking tour in the beautiful and in the new

Never happened. Eat one of the best amatriciane of Rome (therefore of the world) practically in the shadow of the columns of what they call here “the Rotunda”. It happens now at the en plein air tables of Claudio Gargioli, driving, with his brother Fabrizio, of the historian Armando al Pantheon.

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Weekend in Rome: walking tour of the beautiful and the new

“Finally”, he says between pots and stoves, “we have a small outdoor platform and we can grant this privilege”.
It is a consequence of the urban regulations launched, here as elsewhere, to favor distancing and help the sector in the emergency, but also the sign of a city that changes and invents. Keyword: outdoors and in an informal style. This applies to the dehors in the center, often with sustainable prices, as well as to the increasingly numerous panoramic terraces.

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The new premises with spectacular views

The new Hey Güey on the top floor of thehotel The Chapter, between the former ghetto and the Lungotevere, it is an unexpected Latin American corner: views of the domes, cushions, colors, succulent plants and Mexican menus (chapter-roma.com).

Also new Adele, sky bar above theSplendid hotel, near via Veneto, which offers aperitifs at Barbara Migliaccio Spina accompanied by gourmet tapas. Protagonist from Seventh, just inaugurated on the rooftop of the Sofitel, is the Mediterranean cuisine of Giuseppe D’Alessio, a superlative mix of Roman recipes and flavors of Campania, its homeland. Do not miss the supplì or the fried cod.

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Autumn walk

Positive energy circulates on the seven hills with the return from holidays and the proverbial Roman October around the corner.
It has never been so pleasant to stroll through alleys, squares and the west side of Rome very old and renewed.
Perhaps booking a visit to the Mausoleum of Augustus, the largest circular tomb in the world, which welcomed the emperor and his family, fresh from 14 years of restoration (mausoleodiaugusto.it).

Along the ancient walls

For the first time, the walkways of the Aurelian Walls in via Campania e viale Pretoriano, for a bird’s eye view of the city and its geometries.

They also visit the Auditorium of Mecenate, the Big game (gladiator gymnasium near the Colosseum) and many other sites, with limited admissions (reservations, tel. 06.06.08).

Final surprise in the Domus Aurea, the palace built by Nero after the fire in 64 AD: it has one new lighting and hosts the interactive exhibition until January Raphael and the Domus Aurea. The invention of the grotesques. A journey into the womb of Rome and into the history of art: studying the convoluted decorations of these ruins, the Renaissance master developed a style that, the curators explain, would go as far as Paul Klee and Salvador Dalí.

New exhibitions, new b & bs

Meanwhile, there are those who took advantage of the forced break to change style. The architect Daniela Ferragni he put his hand to his My Navona, b&b behind piazza Navona.
“There are new rooms with design details and everything is designed with a view to comfort and aesthetics”.

Maria Carrara, already owner of two b & bs in the city, has renovated in Piazza del Popolo Vignoni House, ideal base for late summer exhibitions. Like Toilet Paper & Martin Parr, a Villa Medici, arriving on foot from Piazza di Spagna or through Villa Borghese: the British photographer Martin Parr and the two creators of the magazine Toiletpaper, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Afterwards, an aperitif on the sofa in front of the panoramic window of the elegant Caffé Colbert, on the first floor.

Balla’s house, then pizza and bubbles

The latest news is in the area Follow. The Futurist House where Giacomo Balla he lived and worked from 1929 to his death will be open on weekends by appointment, but only for a few months, to get lost in the shapes and colors of the artist, who here cover everything (maxxi.archeoares.it/mostre/casa-balla).

Right in front, Sant’Isidoro (pizzaebolle.it) mixes pizza, suppli, wines and refined bubbles. Pure Roman flavors, with brio.

(In the photo: Villa Medici, on the Pincio).

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