Four hundred million to Puglia from Draghi’s PNRR, 21 projects financed by the Bari railway junction in old Taranto

There are 21 urban regeneration and public housing projects that will be financed in Puglia thanks to funds from the NRP, for almost 400 million euros. Among these is the reorganization of the Bari railway junction, with urban mending interventions between the historic center and the three districts Carrassi, San Pasquale and Madonnella, which alone is worth 100 million euros and is included among the eight “pilot projects” high-performance. Puglia is the region with the highest number of approved projects, out of a total of 159 in all of Italy.

Also in Bari, the “Made in San Pio” project will be financed: demolition of buildings destined for commercial use today abandoned, energy requalification of buildings and increase in social housing. In the metropolitan area, three projects involve 39 municipalities for the recovery of 53 abandoned buildings, urban gardens and neighborhood gardens and the renovation of a thousand social housing.

Three other projects in Altamura include the redevelopment of squares and the recovery of historic buildings to be used as digital training hubs, social housing and craft shops. In the Bat province, in Andria a public residential building system will be built in the area of ​​the new railway station, in Trani the former municipal slaughterhouse will be recovered to build housing and the coastal strip will be enhanced with an equipped park.

In Foggia, a green cycle and pedestrian path and a social container will be created with “The mosaic of San Severo”. On the outskirts of the Daunian capital, in Borgo Croci, the complete renovation of existing buildings and the creation of neighborhood services (nursery schools, libraries, social centers for the elderly) will be carried out.

For Taranto, the “RInaTA Paolo VI” project will allow the recovery of 96 dwellings and the redevelopment of public spaces with urban gardens, greenhouses and cycle-pedestrian paths. “Re-living the old city” instead aims to revitalize a largely uninhabited portion of the historic center, recovering degraded buildings. In Brindisi, along the Seno di Levante of the port, a university center will be built in three disused buildings. In Lecce, 60 new public housing units and an equipped sports park will be built.

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