Salvini talks to Giorgetti, then sees Draghi: “No tax increase put in writing”

Antonio Masiello via Getty Images

Meeting between the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, before the Council of Ministers. The conversation was preceded by the confrontation, entirely within the League, between Salvini and number two Giancarlo Giorgetti. “If we vote in cdm? I don’t know, now let’s see … ”the Minister of Economic Development told reporters.

An hour of discussion and then Salvini tweets: “Very useful meeting: shared proposals and solutions and commitment to discussing the future of Italy every week. The newspapers write what they want: a loyal, frank and direct relationship solves every problem and finds solutions ”.

“I will meet Draghi shortly” Salvini himself told Rtl 102.5 this morning. His main request is an “autographed” guarantee on the tax reform: “If my goal and Draghi’s is common, and in words it is, let’s put it in writing. We leave in writing to those who arrive after they do not increase the taxes to the Italians ”. Why, explains the Northern League leader, “I trust Draghi, but what if Monti comes after Draghi, who has already shown that he is raising taxes on homes or raising taxes on Bots, on savings? I prefer to put things in writing, which no Italian will pay more on the house, except those who do not have the house registered because they are illegal houses “.

Another request, the reopening. Do more than the reopening of clubs at 35%. “I ask for at least double. But if you ask for the green pass, ask for security, return work. When there are reopenings they must be safe and total ”.


Salvini talks Giorgetti sees Draghi tax increase put writing

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