“It is not investigative journalism but private investigation” – Libero Quotidiano

“It is not investigative journalism but private investigation” – Libero Quotidiano
“It is not investigative journalism but private investigation” – Libero Quotidiano

“It is not investigative journalism” but a “private investigation” outside of rules and controls. To “dismantle” the investigation “Lobby nera” from Fanpage its Brothers of Italy is the Observatory ofUnion of criminal chambers. An institutional body that is not strictly partisan, therefore. The journalistic investigation, aired last Thursday in A clean sweep on La7, made over the course of 3 years with an undercover journalist and infiltrated as a “fake entrepreneur”, it brought to light several “trends”. On the one hand, the possible recourse to forms of black electoral financing by important exponents of the Brothers of Italy in Lombardy. On the other hand, that of nostalgic attitudes towards the Fascism and references to Hitler. For this reason, on Tuesday, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation for money laundering and illicit financing on Carlo Fidanza, MEP of FdI (self-suspended) and the “black baron” Roberto Jonghi Lavarini, which in the party of Giorgia Meloni for years it has no longer had any official role. And rumors of possible developments filter out from the Prosecutor’s Office for “apologia for fascism”.

According to the UCPI, in a very harsh statement, “this is not investigative journalism as we want to define it”, but “rather the result of a real investigative activity, removed from any form of control by the Judicial Authority and to the rules that preside over the genesis and development of procedural events. We have come to an extremely dangerous crossroads, in which people are fed to public opinion on the basis of information gathered in the course of a real and proper ‘private investigation ‘, which even precedes and ‘generates’ the procedural story properly understood “.

The Prisons Observatory of the Union of Criminal Chambers raises the alarm about an investigation “that does not know terms to be observed, authorizations to be requested, contradictory to be respected, which uses the most invasive means of privacy, of environmental wiretapping, hidden cameras e agents provocateurs, the results of which are disclosed without any control “. In short, we are facing” a new dangerous frontier in the media process. ” with our Constitution, ‘investigative journalism’ will replace the investigating magistracy – the criminal prosecutors warn – with the only urgent target of reach the scoop, without finding any inhibitor, not even criminal penalties. Today it happened to a political party, tomorrow it could happen to other camps, and even worse, a any citizen, beyond personal visibility or notoriety “.

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