Administrative 2021 – The League in Rome is Santori and Bordoni

In Salvini’s party the “Concorsopoli” does not pay. Cangemi and Giannini, members of the Bureau of the Regional Council which endorsed the assumptions of the Allumiere ranking together with the PD, rejected by the voters

ROME – The electoral round of 3 and 4 October 2021 was devastating for the League. The Leaguers, having lost leadership in some large northern centers (starting with Milan), in the most important electoral competition, the capital of Italy, have achieved catastrophic results.

In the last elections in which he competed with the electorate of the city of Rome, Salvini’s party obtained the 25,78% (with the beauty of 285.318 votes). Let’s talk about the Europeans that have just taken place 2 years ago. Today’s numbers, on the other hand, speak of a lower motorcycle percentage (the 5,93%) with just 60 thousand votes.

Fabrizio Santori

Within this disaster, however, there are those who come out strengthened and those who come out with broken bones.

They certainly come out well from this election round either Fabrizio Santori that Davide Bordoni.

The first, who joined the League at the end of 2018, was surprisingly excluded from the European candidacy.

The Northern League had preferred him Matteo Adinolfi e Luisa Regimenti.

Davide Bordoni

After two years the situation is this: Adinolfi he is under investigation for political-mafia electoral exchange in an investigation by the Rome Anti-Mafia District Directorate, as part of the “Touchdown” investigation; there Regiments, after having received the support of the leaders of the Lazio League and having been elected in Brussels, she abandoned Salvini to join Forza Italia.

Santori, after having been denied his candidacy for the European Championships, he continued to work as only he knows how to do and managed to obtain a flattering result, being outside the buildings and institutions.

Also taking revenge against those who had helped in 2019, that Luisa Regimenti who by moving to Forza Italia decided to support Simone Foglio.

The MEP, given the scarce contribution given to his candidate, has shown that he has little (almost zero) electoral weight. It will be difficult for her, in three years, to get the election again in Brussels.

A contention for the second League seat in the Capitol (the first, as expected, is the prerogative of Simonetta Matone) a Fabrizio Santori And Davide Bordoni, which is very few votes from the former regional councilor.

The counting operations are slow and the gap is so small that there is the possibility that the seat will be assigned with the last count to the central seat.

In case of defeat of the center-right candidate for mayor, Enrico Michetti, the seats of the League will be only two, so the excellent excluded would not be lacking, starting with one of the two Santori e Bordoni which, however, as mentioned, have achieved an excellent result.

Both seem to be the only ones who have what it takes to lead Salvini’s party in Rome in the post-Durigon era.

The painful notes in the Lega house concern above all the two components of theOffice of the Presidency of the Lazio Regional Council. Those who, at the end of last year, voted together with colleagues from the PD, in particular Buschini, and the grillino Porrello, the questionable resolutions that allowed the hiring of the 21 suitable candidates in the Allumiere “Win ​​for Life” ranking.

The vice president of Pisana, Pino Cangemi, the Northern League deputy openly supported Barbara Saltamartini. With him Francesco Biava e Francesco Storace.

Result? Everyone was thinking of an important performance by the Saltamartini but, despite the huge number of supporters it availed of, the latter managed to place itself only in seventh position with “just” 2300 preferences.

Also Daniele Giannini (another member of the UDP of the Regional Council) had his own candidate. Thanks to his (insufficient) contribution he managed to get placed Angelo Valeriani in sixth place with approx 2700 preferences.

He too, however, outside the Capitol and detached from Santori and Bordoni.

In case of victory of Michetti the seats in the League would go from two to six. In this case, at least, Giannini could save face by “placing” Valeriani inside the Julius Caesar Hall.

Cangemi, on the other hand, with his candidate Saltamartini in seventh place, would be left with a handful of flies. After Buschini, also Cangemi and Giannini in the smell of defeat. With Porrello out of all games, it is safe to say that “Concorsopoli” does not pay.

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