Salvatore Veca, the “generous and tireless” philosopher dies

Salvatore Veca, the “generous and tireless” philosopher dies
Salvatore Veca, the “generous and tireless” philosopher dies

He was the left-wing intellectual as we imagine him: studies on Marx, reflections on social equity and justice, continuous participation in the cultural public debate, books and magazines of reasoning on politics, university lectures. And the presidency of the Milanese House of Culture, which was the first to announce the death at 77 of Salvatore Veca, “a distinguished political philosopher, protagonist of Italian cultural life”.

No Vax, Veca: “From the insult to the punches. They are not four fools, the risk must now be taken seriously”

by Brunella Giovara

August 31, 2021

Born in Rome, he graduated in Philosophy in Milan with Enzo Paci and Ludovico Geymonat, in Milan he became a lecturer in Political Sciences, before moving to the University of Pavia and becoming dean of the faculty. His great intuition was the discovery of John Rawls, an intellectual for whom political philosophy was not to aspire to an abstract common good, but to make institutions more just and goods equally distributed. Justice and equity, two words that are not always synonymous (justice is operating according to the ius, that is the law, equity according to absolute criteria), but which for Veca were, indeed they had to be.

Now he receives the homage of the world of culture and politics. The national president of the partisans association, Gianfranco Pagliarulo, defines him as “academic and philosopher, a very authoritative personality of Italian culture”. The Feltrinelli Foundation, of which he was honorary president, says: “He taught us to reflect on our most private dimensions not to withdraw from the indispensable and harsh path of the conquest of rights and to act in a conscious way so that our synergistic action can make society more inclusive and fair “. And Mayor Sala notes that “Milan loses one of the most vivid and incisive intelligence of the political and civil reflection of our city. Others will have a cultural balance of his experience. I would like to express the pride of having known and associated with a cultured man, democratic and above all generous. Many become jealous of their knowledge, Salvatore Veca no “. Then Sala recalls Veca’s support for the Expo project “with those ideas of sustainability that represent the most important legacy of an event that helped change our city”, and also the support and support for his candidacy for mayor in the 2016: “I was someone who came from a different world, I had to deal with a language, with times and worlds that were completely new to me. I remember the meetings with Veca in those months: his thoughts, his voice, his he smiled as he explained to me that world of politics which for him had few mysteries, because he possessed the spirit and breath of it. Thank you, Salvatore “.

“I mourn the passing of Salvatore Veca”, writes Maurizio Martina, deputy director general of FAO. “We worked together – he remembers – along the whole process for the preparation of the Milan Charter for Expo 2015. He was the creator and the soul with the experience of Laboratorio Expo. He put all his extraordinary intellectual baggage, his intuitions into it. , his curiosity. It was a great honor to have known him and to have worked with him. Hi Salvatore, thank you for everything you have given us “.

Veca was also president of the FAI’s guarantor committee, and the president of the Italian Environment Fund, Andrea Carandini, thanks him: “He helped us to define the idea of ​​the environment, to understand that the environment is not nature or history, but it is the intertwining of nature and history. We are deeply grateful to him “.

And the deputy Pd Emanuele Fiano remembers: “When I was lucky enough to be leader of the DS group in the City Council in Milan, in the period in which Carlo Maria Martini led the Milanese church, Salvatore was the lay intellectual voice who enriched the debate in the city , and he was always available for advice and opinion. One of the most lucid intellectuals of our time, a giant, a deep and affectionate man “.

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