Milan, new laboratory at the National Science and Technology Museum

Milan, new laboratory at the National Science and Technology Museum
Milan, new laboratory at the National Science and Technology Museum

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October opens to the public a new space for STEM education, the renovated ilab Chimica, designed by the Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum and built with the support of PPG, a multinational company that has been operating in the sector of coatings, paints and special materials. This is an important result that combines the educational expertise of the Museum and the technical-scientific skills of PPG which contributes to giving back to the community a contemporary educational concept linked to chemistry and a new and future-oriented project.

The chemistry

Although often perceived as rigorous, descriptive, rational, with difficult and hardly understandable language, surprisingly chemistry is one of the most creative sciences. The goal of the new laboratory is precisely to offer the public, with particular attention to students from primary to secondary school, an experience that enhances the creative dimension of chemistry, inviting them to approach scientific phenomena firsthand and to explore situations that everyone we live daily. The story that the laboratory places at the center is, in fact, the creativity of chemistry, which is expressed in the possibilities that this science offers to unite existing elements – chemical elements, molecules – with connections, bonds, reactions and to propose original associations to create new products and knowledge.

The statements

“The new laboratory aims to introduce Chemistry through educational experiences, designed to bring out the creativity that lies in the synthesis or transformation of the elements. Precisely these, combined with an approach that favors open and experimental learning, are made possible in a space designed to encourage group work and the direct use of tools that help make this subject perceptible using the senses. Our goal is to create a context in which each person can directly experience Chemistry, explore it and discover it firsthand, ask questions and fall in love with this complex and invisible world but unexpectedly beautiful and intertwined in all aspects of our life ” , comments Maria Xanthoudaki, Education Director of the Museum.

The objectives

The laboratory was created with the aim of fostering a new relationship between people and this scientific field, thanks to three tools: a space with an innovative design, informal educational approaches that put people and their experience at the center, and unusual tools. for example thermal cameras, microphones, sensors that make chemistry perceptible also through the senses. The new laboratory is an important educational resource aimed at creating specific programs for the different targets it addresses: students, through experimental paths that enrich and expand the school curriculum; teachers, with training and professional development courses and structured educational programs that involve them together with their respective classes throughout the school year; families, with special themed weekends focused on cooperative learning for adults and children; adults thanks to in-depth meetings with researchers, technicians, artists, designers.


Milan laboratory National Science Technology Museum

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