“I’ll vote Gualtieri. Michetti is not a neo-fascist, but incapable”

Carlo Calenda will vote for Roberto Gualtieri in the ballot. The indication arrived yesterday first in a post, then in an interview with Otto e mezzo on La7. “A personal statement” specifies the third who arrived in the elections last Sunday and Monday. That was enough, however, to inflame the political framework, including the national one, in view of the ballot. Yes, because if Letta works on the wide field in which to include also the reformists Calenda and Renzi and the M5s, the two respective extremes send signals of war.

Yes, because Carlo Calenda’s personal vote for Gualtieri is not unconditional. “I would not have done it without the guarantee that there will be no 5S in the pipeline,” concludes his post. And this passage infuriates Giuseppe Conte: “Calenda makes his own self-referential political path and we make him do it quietly: we are proud of our history and our tradition. We wish him much luck but he is at the beginning of a political journey and dictate the conditions to others seems to me at least arrogant “.

Calenda’s statement began to materialize with a tweet in which the action leader commented positively on Gualtieri’s closing to the five stars in addition. A little later on facebook he explained in a broad way: “A political leader cannot preach abstention, he can keep his vote secret. We will not make alliances, we will not participate in the junta and we will be in opposition. My assessment of the Roman PD it remains the same, but Michetti to be mayor also no. For this I can only vote Roberto Gualtieri. I would not have done it without the guarantee that there will be no 5S in the bargain. In the postscript he allows himself a joke: “I hope they also accept the vote of a dangerous right-wing. And now let’s dedicate ourselves to building a great national reform movement Action.”

Then to Otto e Mezzo on La7 he broadens the concept: “I will make neither alliances nor alliances. The vast majority of my votes came from the left or not placed. And having taken them with a civic list, I want to be clear: this is Carlo’s choice Calenda, which does not question the many doubts I have about the ruling class and Gualtieri’s program “, added Calenda. “I find it extremely wrong to brand the right as a neo-fascist, it is a way to radicalize it,” he continues. “Michetti was voted for by so many people, his problem is not that he is a neo-fascist – I think he is a Christian Democrat – but Michetti’s problem is that he is totally incapable. So the point to beat Michetti on is that there is no program for Rome. . Gualtieri’s, on the other hand, is too conservative “.

Happy with the support Roberto Gualtieri: “I’m happy, I said I would be happy to have his support and I thank him for saying he will vote for me.”

Roberta Lombardi, M5S Councilor for Ecological Transition in the Lazio Region thinks about attacking Calenda: “It is interesting that while the M5S gives ample demonstration at all levels of being ready for dialogue and confrontation on ideas and projects with all political forces, Calenda and Gualtieri are anxious to comment on an elusive entry into the council of the M5S. What never asked and never hypothesized, however, It remains on record that a certain radical chic left continues to look at the M5S with condescension and a sense of superiority. The voters are not a herd of oxen to take to pasture, but if they have chosen us they will certainly not appreciate this ill-placed sense of superiority towards us “, continues the former Roman deputy. “Too bad”, Lombardi says, “I expected better”.

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