“My life? Numbers and rap »- Corriere.it

“My life? Numbers and rap »- Corriere.it
“My life? Numbers and rap »- Corriere.it
from Marco Gasperetti

Lorenzo in the second year of Mathematics in Pisa and at nine he devoured the textbooks of the high school: I have always thought about research and I would like to teach

Between a game with friends on the Playstation and a chapter of an Asimov novel, Lorenzo he is preparing two tough exams: Algebra and Numerical Analysis. They are those of the winter session of the second year of Mathematics at the University of Pisa – he explains -. Then I hope to be able to prepare Geometry 2 and Analysis 2. Told this way, it would not seem like news but the normal academic path of a good student. One look at this boy’s date of birth and everything changes.

Lorenzo born in 2007, he recently turned 14. Higher studies, according to the Tuscan university, he completed them in England, or rather he liquidated them in a flash. And after attending the first year at the University of Gttingen, in Germany, he applied for and obtained enrollment in Pisa. A genius? Absolutely not, I’m just a math student like many. And, when I play with my friends, a little boy who enjoys video games, Lorenzo replies with a sincere smile.

Although then, when asked whether numbers dominate the universe, he replies as a scientist: I believe that the physical universe is described by numbers, but mathematics has the power to abstract itself far beyond the universe.

The passion for mathematics reached the age of 9. And it was overwhelming love. I started devouring high school textbooks – says Lorenzo – I studied a lot to pass the exams and I also prepared the Cambridge A-Level. Then, after the English high school exam, the offers of prestigious universities in Italy and abroad arrived. But my dream was to study in Pisa, in the university of Alessio Figalli (considered among the world geniuses of mathematics) which for me like Superman, even if I prefer algebra.

Lorenzo does not give himself air but has already calculated his future: I have always thought about research and I would like to teach. I believe that in Pisa he will be able to do both. We’ll see. He has a dream: Solving some open math problem. also a funny thing because in this matter problems are solved in order to open new ones. A continuous game.

Mathematics, mathematics and more mathematics. Then? And then I love history, art, geography, languages, literature even if many think that he can only do equations – replies Lorenzo -. I find it fascinating in writing the idea that comes from nothing and takes shape. As it happens in Asimov which I am reading right now.

Still the future. How does this child prodigy imagine it? I am sure that artificial intelligence will take the place of man in most of the known activities. So we need new ideas and new algorithms. One more reason to study.

And what will Lorenzo’s future be like? I don’t think about it at the moment, now I have to concentrate on Algebra and it’s already complicated to have a thought like this, he answers ironically. In Lorenzo’s world there are also hobbies. I really like music – he says – especially Lorenzo Baglioni who sings math with rap.

As for the universe, the notes also follow precise physical and mathematical rules, but despite having followed some harmonic analysis seminars, at the moment I am focused on other aspects of mathematics. Then I recently started playing tennis, but I also love lightsabers and Star Wars fighting. At the end of the pandemic, take lessons.

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