Elections Milan, here are all those elected to the City Council. New council of Beppe Sala, 24 hours for the team- Corriere.it

Elections Milan, here are all those elected to the City Council. New council of Beppe Sala, 24 hours for the team- Corriere.it
Elections Milan, here are all those elected to the City Council. New council of Beppe Sala, 24 hours for the team- Corriere.it

The hard part comes now. Once the victory has been collected, the team has to be built. And it must be done quickly. Beppe Sala would like to present it tomorrow, at the latest on Monday next. This is why yesterday he took a break from his commitments to try to find the right line-up. Establish the odds for each list, there is to cross personal balances and ambitions, as well as identifying the right mix between experience and fresh strengths. The last two names that have sprung up in these hours from the toto giunta go in this direction: Gabriele Rabaiotti and Eleonora Evi, an outgoing councilor rescued, and a new face, but still with experience behind them.

The super voted

Let’s start from the first, which could be the protagonist of an exchange of roles with the super voted Pierfrancesco Maran. Elected with the civic of the mayor, architect and urban planner Polytechnic school, with an administrative curriculum started in the Municipalities before receiving from Sala in the last mandate the delegations to Home and Public Works, Rabaiotti would have the right profile to occupy the delicate Urban Planning box, while mister preferences would thus find himself managing the strategic game of public housing. The experience factor would play in favor of Rabaiotti. And if that were the case, the young Martina Riva would remain out of the junta. The other place destined for the Sala list is in fact already booked by Emmanuel Conte, who would take the balance of the accounts of Palazzo Marino on his shoulders, even if some rumors still give him undecided about the opportunity to pause his working career. The name of the former Five Star MEP, now co-spokesperson of Europa Verde, would instead have sprung up to deal with the Environment and ecological transition or Mobility as an alternative, however these are issues dear to the environmentalist world.

The deputy mayor

The Pd altitude patrol seems to be in the process of being defined. Said of Maran and the confirmation of the deputy mayor Anna Scavuzzo, which will have the delegation to Education, among the new entries dem there will probably be Lamberto Bertol (Welfare possible for him) and the very young Gaia Romani, who will be entrusted with Young People and Equal Opportunities. Two play-offs will define the last places: Beatrice Uguccioni and Arianna Censi for safety; Marco Granelli and the outgoing group leader Filippo Barberis, with the defeated hijacked to the presidency of the municipal council.

The exteriors

As for the two outsiders, it seems now clear that we will try to bring back to Milan Tommaso Sacchi, once collaborator of Stefano Boeri and today councilor in Florence. The second technician is still covered, who could be entrusted with the delegation to work. There is also uncertainty about the last piece: the name in quota Riformisti has yet to be identified. Renziana Lisa Noja will not leave Parliament: for her in Milan no roles in the council, she will be in the city council. The choice could then fall on Giulia Pastorella, who represents the share of Action of the triptych of reformist capilists. For her, expert in new technologies and national innovation and digital manager of Carlo Calenda’s party, the succession to Roberta Cocco is looming, until the other day at the head of the Department of Digital Transformation.

The green turning point

The game remains linked to the PNRR, which will not move from the mayor’s hands, despite the words of the post-triumph press conference: For me I will not hold proxies, he said on that occasion. In the meantime, it must be registered the return to pressure of environmental associations to accelerate the green shift, on the one hand, and that of the Rossoneri president Paolo Scaroni for the San Siro bis dossier, on the other. I was happy with Sala’s re-election, because it will be very important to continue the project of the new stadium, he explained to Radio24 microphones: I state that the project presented involves the construction of a new stadium next to San Siro. Sala approves the changes made to the project and now he will have to convince the majority.

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