Monza, ‘Behind the scenes’ at the start: “The Renaissance of Italy starts from the Villa”

Monza – The courage to break up patterns and create new ones. To start again in the new post-Covid normal. Because the urgencies of the world of culture, entertainment and tourism can no longer wait. Concrete answers are needed. And tomorrow and Saturday it will be the protagonists of theater, music, cinema and tourism not only to photograph the state of the art, but also and above all to indicate the route towards which to move in order to restart the factory of culture. They will do it at the Villa Reale of Monza con i directors of QN Quotidiano Nazionale, Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione and Il Giorno on the occasion of the event ‘Behind the scenes’ organized by the Monrif Group. Because even places must have their managers, not just the artists.

And «we will treasure from all ideas that will emerge to broaden our future vision “, the interest of Dario Allevi, mayor of Monza he is the ‘landlord’ of the palace in his role as president of the Villa Reale and Parco Consortium. After the pharaonic restoration that saved “the most beautiful postcard of our cultural heritage” from decades of neglect and decay, today “we want to start again (also) from here”.

“For two days we will open the doors wide of the palace ai protagonists of the restart of the country in tourism and culture. After all – in Allevi’s words – for centuries the oil of Italy has been called art and tourism. Now, in the post-pandemic phase, we are all called, first and foremost institutions, to rediscover its value by fielding innovative formulas and new partnerships. The Renaissance of Italy can only start from here “.

From the 35 thousand square meters of the palace and from the 750 hectares of park that are no longer just a monument of themselves. They have been – and can once again be – a permanent center of gravity of culture. A bet. “We work every day to do things in the best possible way between cultural, musical, literary and recreational events. We are getting a lot of people back to work. We have a relaunch plan that is allowing us to raise the bar more and more: the goal is to make our Villa a unique attraction of its kind, also thanks to innovative projects and solutions that can generate tourism of high added value. – the mayor’s commitment -. We want to broaden our horizons, with an international vision “.

A single place that – looking at its history and its “enormous potential” – alone brings together the four strands on which ‘Behind the scenes’ is developed: city ​​of art, theater, music and audiovisual. The cinema, in fact. In the catalog of the Lumière brothers, the inventors of the cinema, Monza is in film number 279. The short film shot on November 20, 1896 shows the king and queen descending the stairs of the Monza palace and getting into a carriage. It is the first ‘film’ shot in Monza. Perhaps even the first in Italy.

Almost foreshadowing a cinematographic vocation of the Villa. But also of a city and an entire territory, with the Park and its seasons, the racetrack, the former slaughterhouse and the abandoned factories that architecturally can become locations to build a set. As well as the farmhouses that tell a peasant soul from ‘Albero degli zoccoli’. Opportunities to produce work, to make known the art, history and nature of a territory. To generate (cine) tourism . As it was, for example for the successful ‘Braccialetti Rossi’ series: for three years Fasano was invaded by schoolchildren who waited for the actors during breaks and while they waited they did their homework under the olive trees. And again music, with the Park which has been the stage for great live shows, from Ligabue to Justin Bieber.

«The team game there will allow you to go far “, stretches the frame Allevi. Thinking of the Masterplan supported by the Lombardy Region with 55 million euros (23 already themed, the other 32 awaiting destination) on which “professionals who will show us the way to become a monumental and environmental pole inserted in international circuits” are at work. And trusting that “the Villa can play a role in the Milan-Cortina Olympics in 2026”.

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