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M1 up to Monza, after a year and a half the yard starts again

M1 up to Monza, after a year and a half the yard starts again
M1 up to Monza, after a year and a half the yard starts again

Work resumed on the infinite construction site that will take Metro 1 out of Milan to Monza, serving thousands and thousands of commuters every day. A year and a half after the last stop – in the middle of the Covid pandemic, yet another in over 10 years – the subway yards have restarted, with the bulldozers digging from Sesto Fs to Cinisello Bettola, on the border with Monza: it will be the new terminus, towards the north, of the Rossa. Next to which there will be a shopping center and a mega interchange parking lot. “The completion of the works with the commissioning of the trains is expected by December 2024”, let us know from Palazzo Marino. The new agreements and commitments of the Municipality, of Metropolitana Milanese and of the companies have been defined; and additional resources were also recovered.

EXTRA COSTS. 31.3 million euros: 15 million from the government, another 7.1 from Palazzo Marino and 9.2 from the Lombardy Region. This is the third increase in expenses necessary to deal with a series of unforeseen events, such as the need to waterproof tunnels and stations (costing 50 million).

WORKS. This is a particularly “complex” construction site, explain the technicians. Because it includes the construction of a real hub with three works: in addition to the M1 Cinisello Balsamo-Monza Bettola station, also the new shopping center and all the interchange infrastructures with a parking lot with 2,500 parking spaces, the terminus for buses from Brianza, the Turin-Venice motorway, the Rho-Monza road link, the freeway connecting to Lecco; and, finally, the preparation for the future extension of Line 5 in Monza. Cinisello Balsamo is a “strategic station for the territory and for the mobility of the northern area of ​​Milan, which will allow commuters to leave their cars outside the city and to access it by public transport”, say the Municipality. “A hub of interchange between private traffic, surface lines and subways in Brianza, from where the greatest number of cars to Milan come from.”

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Monza year yard starts

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