he wanted to jump off a Tibetan bridge in the Belluno area

by Marianna Grazi

Sunday, 8 in the morning. A phone call from Perarolo di Cadore, in the Belluno area. It’s urgent, there is a woman who wants to throw herself down from a Tibetan bridge of a forest road. When the first patrol departed from Cortina D’Ampezzo arrives on the spot, she finds her beyond the side fences, with her legs dangling, under her a gully 80 meters deep. The void, without escape. Must hurry. The two, arrived on the spot, an expert graduate and a young carabiniera, Martina Pigliapoco, from the station of San Vito di Cadore, they immediately realize that the woman was not a hiker in danger, but that she intends to end it all.

Pigliapoco approaches the lady, in desperate conditions, and manages to tie her up a verbal contact, which soon became a relationship of trust mutual. Everything seems to be going well, the hope of a quick positive conclusion of the affair seems to open up. But the woman, one mother of three children originally from the Treviso area, she says she intends to throw herself. Causes unknown. She does not allow anyone to approach or even speak to her, except for the young woman in uniform, who is there sitting on the ground a few meters from her. Between the two a sort of empathic bond is created, they talk about everything until the topic reaches the children, as recommended to the carabiniera by a colleague, an expert mediator, at a distance.

At that moment, in the head of the woman hanging from the bridge, something clicks: love for her children and feelings of guilt that would have generated in them the gesture of the mother are the right levers for change her mind about suicide. Then gathering all his strength, he finally climbed the parapet, returning to the deck where he embraced the young soldier. What could have been a tragedy, thus, has turned into a story of courage with a happy ending.


wanted jump Tibetan bridge Belluno area

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