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The Sacco professor and lecturer at the State University of Milan, Massimo Galli, is being investigated together with 24 other academics and another 8 among researchers and scientists. The crimes hypothesized by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office are auction disruption and false ideology. The head physician said he was “calm” and had “nothing to say”, even though on Tuesday 5 October a guest of Bianca Berlinguer at Cartabianca, on Rai3, the infectious disease specialist commented on the investigation.

A participation, that of the professor in the Rai3 program, which has raised a crawl of controversy. “Once again the Rai3 program ‘Cartabianca’ hosts a suspect in the studio by the judiciary and offers a very bad service to the citizens who finance the program through the license fee”. is the hard attack of Codacons, which recalls how “in the past Bianca Berlinguer gave ample space to Andrea Scanzi just when the journalist ended up at the center of a controversy for having skipped the line in the anti-Covid vaccination, and would be perhaps it was correct to suspend his participation in the program “.

“We are sure that Galli will be able to demonstrate in the appropriate places that he is totally extraneous to the serious accusations leveled against him, but making public service and Rai cameras available to the infectious doctor for a self-defense without contradiction appears to be a questionable use of the resources of the ‘company, and an unfairness towards viewers – affirms the consumer association – We understand Berlinguer’s need to raise the audience and guarantee the survival of its broadcast, but Rai should not go down to these levels and the top of the company would do better to supervise the work of their tenants “.

In these two years of pandemic virologists, immunologists and infectious diseases have enjoyed extraordinary visibility on television. In the last two years “the media overexposure caused by TV and mass media has transformed virologists and doctors into real Hollywood stars, with television programs competing for the various
Galli, Burioni, Bassetti, Crisanti, Capua and so on to the sound of maxi-cachet for the hosted in the studio and video connections, to the point that some of these would even rely on managers and communication agencies that look after their interests – denounces the Codacons – Compensation on which, obviously, the
maximum reserve and on which it would be time, also in the light of recent judicial events, to finally clarify “.

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