the list of regions at risk

The Civil Protection has issued an orange weather alert for thunderstorms for tomorrow, Thursday 7 October, on Calabria and a yellow alert on other 9 regions of Italy: these are Abruzzo, Basilicata, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Marche, Molise, Puglia, Sicily and Umbria, in addition to Campania, for which the yellow weather alert concerns the hydrogeological risk.

One more day of bad weather on Italy. According to the weather forecast of tomorrow, Thursday 7 October, violent temporal they will hit a large part of the Peninsula, in particular on the Adriatic side and in the Center-South, after the damage already caused in Liguria and Sicily. For this, the Civil Protection has issued a notice for the next few hours orange weather alert on Calabria and notice of yellow alert on 9 other regions, namely Abruzzo, Basilicata, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Marche, Molise, Puglia, Sicily and Umbria. Here is the list in detail.

Orange weather alert in Calabria and Marche

As shown by the official website of the Civil Protection, there are a total of 10 regions for which the Civil Protection has issued a weather alert for thunderstorms. The orange alert only affects the Calabria (Southern Ionian side, Northern Tyrrhenian side, Southern Tyrrhenian side, Central-southern Tyrrhenian side, Central-northern Tyrrhenian side) as regards the temporal risk to which the Walk (Marc-2, Marc-1, Marc-6, Marc-5, Marc-4, Marc-3) for the hydraulic and hydro-geological risk.

Yellow weather alert in 9 Regions tomorrow 7 October

As regards the yellow alert for thunderstorms, the regions concerned are:

  • Abruzzo: Marsica, Upper Sangro Basin, Pescara Basin, Aterno Basin, Lower Sangro Basin, Tordino Vomano Basins;
  • Basilicata: Bases-B, Bases-E2, Bases-A2, Bases-E1, Bases-A1, Bases-D, Bases-C;
  • Calabria: Central-northern Ionic side, Central-southern Jionic side, Northern Ionic side;
  • Emilia Romagna: Romagna coast, Romagna low hills and plain, Romagna high hills, Romagna mountains;
  • Lazio: Apennines of Rieti;
  • Walk: Marc-2, Marc-1, Marc-6, Marc-5, Marc-4, Marc-3;
  • Molise: Frentani – Sannio – Matese, Litoranea, Alto Volturno – Medio Sangro;
  • Puglia: Basso Fortore, Tavoliere – low basins of Candelaro, Cervaro and Carapelle, Gargano and Tremiti, Basso Ofanto, Sub-Apennine Dauno, Central Adriatic Puglia, Lato and Lenne basins, Central Puglia Bradanica, Salento;
  • Sicily: North-West and Egadi and Ustica islands, North-East, Tyrrhenian side and Aeolian islands, Center-North, Tyrrhenian side, North-East, Ionian side;
  • Umbria: Chiani – Paglia, Trasimeno – Nestore, Nera – Corno, Chiascio – Topino, Medio Tevere, Alto Tevere.

Add to these the Campania (Piana Sele and Alto Cilento, Basso Cilento, Tusciano and Alto Sele, Sorrento-Amalfi Peninsula, Monti di Sarno and Monti Picentini, Alto Volturno and Matese, Piana Campana, Naples, Islands and Vesuvian Area) for which the civil protection has issued yellow weather alert for hydrogeological risk.

The weather forecast for tomorrow, October 7th

The rains that have already hit part of Italy in the past few hours, also causing a series of damage, as in Liguria, Piedmont and Sicily, will continue throughout the day tomorrow. The worst situation, as he reports, will register at North East (in the morning), on the Adriatic regions of the Center and on most of the South where they are expected storms in particular on Campania and Tyrrhenian Calabria. There will also be a general thermal drop due to the cold winds of Bora and Grecale, which will also bring the first snowfalls on the eastern Alpine reliefs to altitudes even lower than 2000 meters.

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