“There is a burglar alarm on the government …”. What can happen with the land registry

“There is a burglar alarm on the government …”. What can happen with the land registry
“There is a burglar alarm on the government …”. What can happen with the land registry

In the government, the waters continue to be troubled. The delegation law on taxation, approved yesterday in the Council of Ministers despite the absence of the Lega delegation, is the subject of discussion. Definitely a strong gesture but which, as Massimiliano Scafi writes on the newspaper on newsstands today, thanks to the axis with Forza Italia, it has foiled an increase in taxes. The premier Mario Draghi in fact, he assured that Italians will not pay more: the taxation on the house will not increase. Words that “they are carved in stone“and what then”they cannot be questioned“, specified the blue Giorgio Mulè. Who reiterated how the force party is the real shield to any economic madness of the left.

Forza Italia reassures

The Forza Italia deputy a The Republic denied the concerns about a possible tax increase for Italian citizens, recalling that the tax alarm on the house worked: “We are that anti-theft at Forza Italia“. The Undersecretary of Defense has in fact pointed the finger at”this left tic“on taxation and against assets: a sort”of mantras in which they all fall“, from Graziano Delrio to Enrico Letta passing through Nicola Fratoianni.”But we are in the government and this is the guarantee that nothing of the kind will happen and that taxes will never be raised“, is the certainty provided by Mulè.

Thus Forza Italia carries out what it defines as a real transparency operation. The forceist Deborah Bergamini swore that the blue party “he will be a careful watchman so that the house is not taxed in any way“. On the same line Gianfranco Rotondi, vice-president of the FI group in the Chamber, according to which it is necessary to rely on Prime Minister Mario Draghi and put an end to the controversy: “We know that the land registry reform will not entail any increase in tax burdens. It is useless to cause fibrillation and alarms“.

“Italians will pay less”

In this sense, the reassurance also came from Maria Cecilia Guerra. The undersecretary of the economy underlined that, if the reform of the land registry contained in the tax delegation is actually implemented, “the majority of Italians would pay less“. The basic idea remains that of not increasing taxes but of distributing the weight fairly:”Those with high-value assets would find themselves paying a little more. And it also seems fair to me“.

But the League goes on the attack

Completely opposite is the opinion Matteo Salvini, which in the morning returned to the attack again and increased the dose by raising the tone: the leader of the Carroccio reiterated that he does not intend to sign any blank proxy since he believes that in the reform text “there is essentially a patrimonial property on an already taxed and overtaxed asset, that is the Italian house“But he does not want to talk about a possible government crisis: Salvini proudly claimed to be part of the majority. “If they want, Letta and Conte leave“he thundered.

Yesterday the attitude of the League it has created more than a few reactions among the executive parties. The Carroccio ministers first left the control room and then deserted the Council of Ministers. A change of pace is called for because the questions are both of method and of substance. The Northern League Riccardo Molinari denounces that the government “it wasn’t a very friendly gesture“, even because “they are escorting us to the door“. Senator Alberto Bagnai also complained that”it is a bit difficult to be in the majority being treated as if it were opposition“.

The intervention of Draghi

In the afternoon the position of Draghi arrived, who clearly stated: “No, there is no patrimonial“. The goal of verifying the values ​​is not to hide behind the opacity. It confirmed that”absolutely nothing is touched“from an economic point of view and therefore citizens and businesses will continue to pay as they do now.”This review takes 5 years and any decisions will be discussed in 2026. One is a transparency operation, the other is a fiscal policy decision“, declared the premier.

The left wants the League out of the government

Obviously, all this confirms the dreams of the left which continues to hope for the League to leave the government. In the past few hours the secretary Enrico Letta he branded as “very serious and irresponsible“Salvini’s tear, blaming him for carrying out a plan that has as its ultimate goal that of”blow up the bank“. He dem Francesco Boccia rejects the accusations of wanting to take the League out of the executive and rejoins: “The League accompanies itself where it sees fit to go“.

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