Milan, they try to enter the bank from an air duct: arrested

Last night a Milano, the Police arrested two Italians, PM of 50 and GR of 41, for attempted aggravated theft in competition. The agents of the Investigation Team of the Scalo Romana Commissariat noticed the two men wearing the mask up to eye level and black gloves incompatible with the temperature of the moment: the two, residing in Palermo, were heading on foot to the raised parking lot of a bank in via dei Missaglia at the corner of via Boifava. Suspicious, the investigators followed them from a distance and saw them open a gate and then enter a balcony of the bank.

The agents intervened and blocked them on the balcony: the 50-year-old was communicating with his accomplice via a headset connected to a transceiver while the 41-year-old, still bent over and with a flashlight in his hand, was hastily retrieving tools and then putting them back inside. a backpack where there were screwdrivers, pincers and torches.

The policemen discovered that the two thieves had already dismantled the collector of the ventilation system and were digging the frame left inside the wall, from which they would have entered directly into the premises of the bank that lead to the counters. Both with numerous criminal records for property crimes, particularly robbery, were arrested.

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Milan enter bank air duct arrested

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