Street dispute ends in aggression, the three of them beat first a woman and then the witness of the accident

A street fight, transformed into a double aggression. First against a woman, then against a witness to the road accident. This is what happened yesterday morning in Rome, in via Ostiense. It all started when a car, carrying a Romanian, a Roman and a boy from Ecuador – all 23 years old – skidded, hitting two parked cars.

The owner of one of the damaged vehicles, a 26-year-old Roman, tried to assert her reasons, but the three surrounded and attacked her, pushing her and slapping and kicking her. An 18-year-old was also beaten, “guilty” of having witnessed the scene. The witness was attacked in this case while he was on the phone with the Unique Emergency Number, giving the alarm.

The Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of Rome arrived on the spot and denounced the three 23-year-olds for “complicity in aggravated personal injuries”. The victims of the attack were treated at the San Camillo hospital reporting 7 and 4 days of prognosis for bruises and various bruises.


Street dispute ends aggression beat woman witness accident

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