Italy is back on the field, the opening of Corriere dello Sport: “Let’s do it again”

“Let’s do it again” is the title that today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport dedicates to the national team of Roberto Mancini. At the Meazza Italy challenges Spain for the Nations League final. Insigne false nine the first choice of the technical commissioner, space for Pellegrini if ​​Lorenzo will make the center forward. The charge of Mancio: “At 14 months from Qatar we have to play better and better”.

Fiorentina – “Vlahovic at auction”, we read instead in a high cut. I commission with open cards on the talent of the viola: “He said no to the renewal”. Big clubs on the attack, Juventus and Atletico are currently in the lead.

Naples – “Racist insults to Koulibaly, the net is tightening”, headlines the newspaper. The FIGC postpones the verdict: the identification of the author is near. Chiellini’s comment: “As an Italian I feel ashamed”.


Italy field opening Corriere dello Sport Lets

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