after the incident and the attack, they beat a girl and an 18-year-old witness

after the incident and the attack, they beat a girl and an 18-year-old witness
after the incident and the attack, they beat a girl and an 18-year-old witness

A 23-year-old first caused a double rear-end collision on via Ostiense, then attacked the driver of one of the cars involved and an 18-year-old witness not wanting to acknowledge his responsibilities. The young man was identified and reported on the loose with two friends for aggravated injuries.

Three boys in their early twenties were reported for aggravated injuries, for having assaulted a 26-year-old girl and an 18-year-old yesterday afternoon – Tuesday 5 October – yours via Ostiense. The episode, which originated from a car accident, is told today on the pages of the chronicle of Rome in the Corriere della Sera.

First he collides with two cars, then he doesn’t want to acknowledge his responsibilities

According to what was reconstructed, a 23-year-old Roman boy, at the wheel of a car with two friends on board, has caused an accident involving two other cars before stopping. When the parties got out of the cars instead of proceeding with an amicable statement, the young man went into a rage not wanting to acknowledge his responsibility in the dynamics of the accident. From words he then moved on to deeds, throwing himself with slaps, kicks and shoves with the two friends towards the 26-year-old girl at the wheel of the other car involved, and against an 18-year-old passing by who made himself available to testify what he had seen.

Three boys with precedents identified and reported

The carabinieri of the radio-mobile unit arrived on the spot and stopped the three attackers and identified them. From what emerged they both have precedents despite their young age: transported to the barracks they were reported on the loose. The two victims, on the other hand, were transported and medicated in the emergency room, being discharged with a mild prognosis. The Local Police, on the other hand, took care of the findings of the case regarding the road accident, to establish dynamics and responsibility.


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