«Late candidate, mistake to bet on a street number. The primaries were needed »- Corriere.it

In the center-right he also beat Vittorio Feltri in terms of preferences. A personal success within a historic defeat for the coalition and for its party (the League).

Silvia Sardone, let’s start with your result.
«I am proud and also a little excited, because imagining 3,585 people writing your name on the card is full of responsibility. I also improved the result of five years ago, when I took 2,300 preferences with a party, however, at 20 per cent. Today, in a list that is 11, I take a third more. But I’m bitter and angry because we could have won ».

You lost by 25 points.
“You could have won.”

And what went wrong in the coalition then?
«Certainly the choice of the candidate, which came so late, did not help. And he didn’t even pay for betting on a street number ».

It was Matteo Salvini who insisted on the civic profile.
«The decision to focus on civic candidates in all the capital cities was made by the entire coalition. In Milan they needed the primary. We would have left a year earlier and would have made known our plans to the city well in advance. With the primary we would have mobilized our people who did not go to vote. In fact, abstention is unfortunately all in our house ».

And Bernardo? Does he have faults?
“I only contest to him that he failed to arouse enthusiasm and a certain incomprehensible shyness in tone and content. Sala campaigned alone ».

The result for the Lega was very disappointing.
«We need to start an internal reflection starting, however, from the things that have worked. I have had a great result, but not only me. Many young people too. The truth is that the League must rediscover its popular soul and reward those who know how to stay in the area ».

Salvini had asked the parliamentarians to get on the list.
“And I was the only one to accept.”

And why didn’t he do it?
“He has a role as a national leader: it is right that he did not race in Milan”.

She was only in fifth place on the league’s list. Didn’t she feel diminished by her own party?
“The alphabetical order was fine for me too, that’s not the point.”

Meanwhile, Sala triumphed.
“He brought all of his people to vote for him, unlike us who were unable to mobilize the electorate. And we didn’t manage to attack him, too shy ».

The Democratic Party alone has taken more than all the center-right parties together.
“They have a loyal electorate. Ours is choosy ».

Would the center-right have been better with Sardone as mayor candidate?
“This is political fiction.”

And now how is the opposition organized in Sala?
“In the meantime, I sent a message to Beppe. I wrote to him: “Congratulations on the result, we will have to put up with each other for another five years. And know that I intend to keep the record of questions presented “».

Sala responded?
«” Poor us “, he wrote to me».

Agree. But what kind of opposition will a center-right reduced to a minimum term in Sala?
«We will have to press the mayor and the council on our issues. As far as I’m concerned, I feel even more empowered ».

Who will be the leader of the opposition?
“Everyone will make their own contribution.”

Not Luca Bernardo?
“I will try even harder.”

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6 October 2021 | 09:30



Late candidate mistake bet street number primaries needed Corriereit

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