Tear of the League on the tax authorities, Draghi-Salvini clash – Politics

Tear of the League on the tax authorities, Draghi-Salvini clash – Politics
Tear of the League on the tax authorities, Draghi-Salvini clash – Politics

E ‘tear of the League on the tax reform. Twenty-four hours after the closure of the municipal seats, in the aftermath of an unexpected defeat, Matteo Salvini chooses to challenge Prime Minister Mario Draghi. And to Giancarlo Giorgetti, Massimo Garavaglia, Erika Stefani makes the Council of Ministers desert, which gives the green light to one of the most awaited reforms of the government, issuing harsh criticisms of merit, for having chosen to insist on the reform of the land registry, and of method, for asking for a “trust in the dark”. It is a “serious gesture”, says Draghi. And he adds that it is up to Salvini to “explain it”, because the delegation reflects principles “shared” by the League, which had “sufficient elements to evaluate” at its disposal. The Northern League leader denies it: “The text does not respect the agreements”. The distance had never been so great: for the first time in the government there are those who really suspect that Salvini is preparing to leave it, even if in the evening contacts were leaked for a meeting between the premier and the Northern League to “overcome misunderstandings”.
Everything is consumed in the space of two hours. At 2 pm the ministers arrive at Palazzo Chigi for the control room on the delegation that draws up the tax reform. For the League, given that in the light of what will happen it does not go unnoticed, there is no Giorgetti but Garavaglia. The Minister of Tourism listens to Franco’s illustration then says he has “the duty” to inform the secretary, to deepen the text, and leaves the meeting. Giorgetti, they say, would have informed Draghi of his intention to then desert the CDM. Colleagues see Stefani arrive at Palazzo Chigi for the Council, a few minutes before the meeting, then disappear. At the basis of the dissent is the land registry reform, they explain, but also the fact that the drafts were sent to the ministers “half an hour before the control room”: “We cannot work without having seen the papers. Nothing against Draghi. but either he delivers them to us in time or he will have to do it alone: ​​it would not be serious and correct to vote on trust “, leaked from League sources. Andrea Orlando, on behalf of the Democratic Party, raises in the CDM the political problem that the absence of the League on the reform opens.
Forza Italia strongly supports the text, stressing that it “will not raise taxes”, as guaranteed by Draghi. But Mariastella Gelmini and Elena Bonetti of Iv, who underlines the “non-ideological” approach of the provision, emphasize the responsibility of all, without pointing out that there are divisions.
“I take note”, are the few words with which Draghi – which does not reveal irritation – comments on the tear in the CDM, while ministers and undersecretaries question the real significance of Salvini’s gesture. The premier then, in a press conference with Franco before leaving for a European summit, lined up some principles: “The commitment that the government takes today is that” with the land registry reform, which postpones the revision of annuities to 2026, “no one will pay more or less” and each delegated decree on personal income tax, VAT, Irap “will have a system that does not intend to increase revenue but to decrease it”. And not only “it is not the last word”, because Parliament has already given its guidelines and will have a say, but the League itself had been fully informed. There could be a clarification, with a meeting between Draghi and Salvini, in the coming days. But in the meantime the reform passes: in the “different” experience of the Draghi majority, the premier emphasizes, “government action” continues without interruption “despite the diversity of views”. If there are other political implications for Salvini, he adds, he must say so. But it is difficult to say whether from the administrative vote, he observes, the government comes out “strengthened or weakened”.
The Northern League leader replies with a press conference in the House, in which he says he trusts Draghi, but not the proxy: “It is not the horoscope, it is not possible to have half an hour to analyze the future of the Italians. In the text there is not what was agreed “, he affirms, denying the premier’s assertions. While Giorgia Meloni applauds, the Northern League ministers are silent, Giorgetti’s silence weighs heavily. Salvini’s is a “very serious” gesture, say Enrico Letta, who calls an urgent summit at the Nazarene, and Giuseppe Conte. Fi’s support for the reform gives someone in the center-left hope that the League will lift the trouble from the government. Others interpret the gesture as a game entirely within the League, a way of Salvini to emphasize his leadership. Certainly, the line of struggle and government is considered by the most unsustainable. And it irritates almost everyone. What the implications will be seen in the coming days. In the meantime, Draghi goes ahead with the agenda and calls for the first control room on the PNRR for Thursday. The message is clear: as long as the government lasts, reforms cannot be stopped by distinction.

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