“No increase until 2026, we will monitor”

Antonio Tajani has just listened to Mario Draghi on the tax reform and his assurances that they will not increase house taxes or anything else and, in the end, the vice president of Forza Italia is satisfied.

After the vote, the analysts predicted a new stability for the government, but in the first council of ministers the tax mine with the land registry reform immediately stirred the spirits especially in the League. But the prime minister now defuses that mine.

“We have worked hard to avoid a tax hike and we have faith in Draghi. We have the battle to lower taxes, on the house, on personal income tax and Irap and we go in the right direction if there will be no increases until 2026. It is also our victory. We will monitor the delegation law in Parliament, to avoid surreptitious attempts by the left ”.

Berlusconi, celebrating the victory of Fi in Calabria, said that we must commit to the ballots. What must be done to win?

«We must collect the votes of those who did not go to vote, of those who can change their minds. It is time for cohesion, to win we must avoid controversy. With the ballots we start from scratch and everyone can be won ».

There are three open matches and the most important is in Rome, where Michetti is in the lead: which votes must he look to to overtake Gualtieri?

«You have to look at the Calenda voters, moderates who are not framed, who thought it could represent an alternative project to the left. He will not be able to give indications on how to vote, because his electorate is too heterogeneous. And Michetti must also look at the many abstainers, in the suburbs, who are disappointed with the M5s ».

In Turin Damilano is in second place, but with 39% of the votes.

«Excellent candidate, an entrepreneur who represents competence, reliability and concreteness. We will work for him ».

The outgoing mayor of Trieste Dipiazza, of Fi, seems sure he has already won.

«He is on the right foot, in pole position because he was highly appreciated and loved as mayor. We will make sure to help him defeat the opponent. As in many other ballots, from Caserta to Latina to Isernia. We at Fi will do our part ».

Salvini has already announced a post-election summit and seems ready for self-criticism: will you ask to re-discuss the choice of civic mayoral candidates?

«Now the main commitment is to work, without controversy, for the ballots. Afterwards we can improve, find out where the mistakes are, how to reorganize ourselves ».

Meloni speaks of a tie, says that Fdi is the first party in the coalition and denies that the election result was negative for the center-right.

«I agree that it is not a defeat of the center-right. More can be done, but they are not for self-flagellation. In Turin we are in the ballot for the first time, in Calabria we won, there is the regret of having lost in Naples, where there was a problem with the cancellation of 4 lists and in Milan, where unfortunately it was decided late, if had Albertini or Lupi been chosen immediately, the results would have been different, even if I respect Bernardo ».

Berlusconi, evoked by the right but also by the left as the only possible federator of the center-right, seems determined to return to the field and prepare the next policies. What is its role today?

“He is the father, the founder of the center-right. His return, after a phase of non-attendance due to doctors’ choices, will be important in preparing the 2023 vote. We will have to get there with a united, cohesive center-right, with a liberal, guaranteed soul, linked to the EPP ».

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