Ok to the proxy without the Dragons League: ‘Salvini will explain it’. Him: it is not a horoscope ‘- Politics

Ok to the proxy without the Dragons League: ‘Salvini will explain it’. Him: it is not a horoscope ‘- Politics
Ok to the proxy without the Dragons League: ‘Salvini will explain it’. Him: it is not a horoscope ‘- Politics

Green light of the Council of Ministers to the fiscal delegation. The League, opposed to the land registry reform, deserted the government meeting. Two billion in 2022 and one in 2023 for implementation. Resources will be supplemented with new revenues from the fight against tax evasion. The gradual overcoming of IRAP is foreseen, guaranteeing health needs. ‘There will be other moments of confrontation, they do not increase taxes. The change in cadastral income will be discussed again in 2026 ‘, assures Draghi. ‘Salvini’s no? He will explain it, ‘he adds. ‘In the text there was not what was agreed. The method is not good, it is not the horoscope ‘, replies the Northern League leader. Letta and Conte attack the League. Center-right divided, Meloni supports the Carroccio. Instead Brunetta: ‘The line of Fi passes, the house cannot be touched’.

“The substance of today’s CDM was the discussion and approval of the fiscal delegation. I would like to point out that the law is a proxy law and therefore it is a general law that will then be filled with contents with a further moment of discussion. “Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at a press conference at Palazzo Chigi.

“You may have the feeling that this is the last word on the taxman but fortunately or unfortunately the process is not so simple, it will take many years”.

“It is not a revision of the land registry but a reformulation
, the government undertakes to stack everything that is not stacked, land, housing, and proceeds to a revision of the cadastral rents, adjusting them to the market rents. Apart from the fact that it takes 5 years but the government is committed that no one will pay more or less, the annuities remain unchanged “, says the premier.

Not only the revision of the land registry, opposed from the beginning, there is also a question of “method”, according to what is learned from sources of the League, among the reasons that led the League’s ministers to desert the meeting of the Council of Ministers on fiscal delegation. You cannot receive “the cards” only at the last, it is not “serious”, is the reasoning, to vote “on trust”, without having had the opportunity to read the texts. Among the doubts raised specifically on the tax authorities, there is also that of the coverage necessary to implement the IRPEF reform.

“The average taxpayer will not notice anything regarding the land registry, everything will remain as before “. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at a press conference in response to a question on the effects of the land registry.

There are two completely different decisions on the land registry reform: “the first is to build an adequate information base, the second is to decide whether to change taxes and we have not made this decision today. It will take 5 years”. In short, on the annuities “there are checks in this period and only in 2026 we will talk about it again”, says the premier.

The absence of the League from the CDM on fiscal delegation “will be explained by Mr Salvini today or tomorrow. But the exchanges that took place in the control room and in the conversations had given enough elements to evaluate the delegation law “.

“The reform is an opportunity towards a system that is more efficient and less distortive”: Economy Minister Daniele Franco said, stating that the pillars of the tax structure such as personal income tax and VAT will remain “but will be reconsidered”.

One of the objectives of the fiscal delegation is the “fight against tax evasion and avoidance. This is not a new problem in Italy “. Economy Minister Daniele Franco said this at the end of the CDM, explaining that the difference between theoretical and actual revenues” is estimated to be around 100 billion “.” The containment is measure necessary to reduce the rates and have a distribution of the load more favorable to economic growth “, he said again.

The government intends “reduce the tax wedge on labor which in Italy is relatively high, for an average-income worker it is 5 points higher than the European average “: Economy Minister Daniele Franco said.” A large part of the wedge is attributable to personal tax, “he added.

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