the appointments to the Opera-

the appointments to the Opera-
the appointments to the Opera-

«Thanks to all citizens for the trust you have given me, the thousands and thousands of people who have me leaning“, “has been an honour be at the helm of this wonderful city, my city ». The post on social media by Virginia Raggi, the outgoing mayor of the capital, has the flavor of a farewell from Rome and its constituents. But to obscure the nice gesture and to unleash a new political controversy, the latest move as a first citizen: appointments at the top of the Opera House.

Taking advantage of the last few days in the Capitol chair, the mayor has started the procedures for renew the top management of the Opera House From Rome. The news has sparked several controversies, as the name that most circulates for the presidency is that of Maurizio Costanzo, Rays communication advisor. To stop the operation, second Dagospia, the head of cabinet of the Lazio Region, Albino Ruberti, who in a letter to the mayor specified that “an accurate assessment is necessary to identify the person to whom this delicate task is to be entrusted” and we must wait for the “guidelines that the next Capitoline council will want to give to the governance of the association”. Immediate reaction of Maurizio Costanzo on the rumors: «Some time ago from the Capitol they asked me if I was interested in the direction of the Roman theaters. I said: let’s see, I think about it, it’s something I can only do if everyone’s okay, if there is a general agreement ». And on his relationship with the mayor, the director of the Parioli Theater explains: “I have no working relationship with Raggi, I have given you some advice but we are not friends”.

So, after the tail-hit on the Opera, Raggi devotes himself to the message to his supporters, and not only that, because between the lines, he points out some politically sensitive passages. «After 5 years of very violent attacks, including personal ones, which few would have resisted, I have achieved little less than what the center-right and center-left battleships have achieved. And this is a fact to take into account and on which we will necessarily make one in the next few days reflection“. Raggi in the last hours had to collect the sound defeat, having finished fourth after Michetti, Gualtieri and Calenda in the city that in 2016, had elected her first citizen in plebiscite against Giachetti del Pd, but it went better than the 5 Star Movement and its ruling class closing at 19.09% while the M5s stopped at 11%. Then, I appeal to the “adversaries”.

«I foresee immediately absurd controversy: no attack. This is not the time to tear us apart. It is time to remain united, more than ever “, adds Raggi who to his” opponents, now in the ballot “- Enrico Michetti and Roberto Gualtieri – is” best wishes because managing this city is a complex and demanding task like few others. I return to reiterate that special funds and powers are needed for Rome ». Then, the hope that sounds full of regret: “Govern it well! Let’s put aside thebitterness e we work for Rome“. The curiosity: under the post appeared for the first time a “like” clicked by his rival, the Councilor for the Ecological Transition of the Lazio Region, Roberta Lombardi.

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