A long stretch of stone wall collapses, a seriously injured woman in Calenzano

Calenzano (Florence), 5 October 2021 – Fear this morning in Calenzano for the collapse of a substantial part of the fence wall in the rear part of Villa Peragallo, a private structure in via Dietro Poggio: the collapsed part is about 60 meters for a height of 2.5.

A 49-year-old woman, involved in the collapse, remained seriously injured and was transported to the Careggi emergency room with the Pegaso helicopter rescue. On the spot, the firefighters of the Florence Command with several teams who are still checking that there are no other people under the rubble: therefore mechanical means are also arriving in the area for the removal of the stones on the ground, one of which comes from the Command of Lawn.

It is an enclosure wall of a private property. The road is closed. The investigations by the Fire Brigade are in progress. To reach the Molino area and the Castle it is necessary to use the road network from via Puccini / via Mascagni.

According to what was reconstructed, when she was hit by the debris she was walking along the road. The road, usually dedicated only to the transit of cyclists and pedestrians, had recently also been open to vehicular traffic due to works affecting the viability of the area. Firefighters, municipal police and 118 are on site.

The possible causes

The last days of rain, and perhaps even traffic vibrations, could be among the causes of the collapse. The wall surrounds the park of a villa which is not inhabited at this stage. On the spot, the firefighters worked all morning to secure the area and clear the rubble, and investigations were also started to define the causes of the damage.

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