Forza Italia first party, plebiscite for Gianluca Gallo (21 thousand votes). The League is a woman

Forza Italia first party, plebiscite for Gianluca Gallo (21 thousand votes). The League is a woman
Forza Italia first party, plebiscite for Gianluca Gallo (21 thousand votes). The League is a woman

COSENZA – A few more days, then Calabria will have a president and a regional council in full swing. The vote on Sunday and Monday puts an end to a “vacatio” that lasted one year due to the untimely death of Jole Santelli, the first woman to lead the regional council in Calabria. Elected on January 26, 2020 with over 55% of the votes (threshold touched by her successor Roberto Occhiuto), the governor passed away at 51 on October 15, 2020, eight months after her inauguration in the regional citadel of Catanzaro, which today carries the his name. Since then, the vice president Nino Spirlì, a League member, has been leading the council, with the powers of ordinary administration. An experience that lasted for a year due to the Lockdown and the Covid emergency which led to a postponement of the vote, until the decision to merge it with the Municipalities. Calabria was, in fact, the only region called to the polls.

For the first time in history in Calabria six women will be seated among the benches of the Regional Council in the next legislature. This is what emerges from the analysis of the electoral data of the Ministry of the Interior on the vote on Sunday and Monday. The presence of six women, five of whom are members of the winning center-right coalition, is a record, which – according to many political analysts – was certainly influenced by the new rule on dual gender preference approved by the Regional Council last November, some week after the death of governor Jole Santelli, the first female president in the history of the Calabria Region.
Therefore, in the Regional Council the center-left candidate for the presidency, Amalia Bruni, and then Katya Gentile, elected with Forza Italia in the Northern constituency (8,091 preferences, the most voted in pink), Pasqualina Straface, former mayor of Corigliano (Cosenza), elected with Forza Italia in the Northern constituency (6,520 preferences), Simona Loizzo, elected with the League in the Northern constituency (5,360 preferences), Luciana De Francesco, elected with the Brothers of Italy always in the Northern constituency (4,564 preferences) and finally Valeria Fedele, general director of the Province of Catanzaro, elected with Forza Italia in the central district (7,962 preferences).
Among the new female entries there are two exponents of some “dynasties” of Calabrian politics: Katya Gentile is the daughter of Pino, the “veteran” of the Regional Council, while De Francesco is the wife of the former regional councilor Luca Morrone. The leader of the League in the past legislature, Tilde Minasi, and Flora Sculco, last time elected in a satellite list of the PD (DP), this time a candidate with the UDC in the Central district, did not manage to confirm.

Elected regional councilors and votes obtained

Come on Italy
Gianluca Gallo 21,692 votes
Michele Comito 13,704 votes
Giovanni Arruzzolo 13,600 votes
Katya Gentile 8.091 voti
Valeria Fedele 7,962 votes
Pasqualina Straface 6,520 votes

Giuseppe Mattiani 11,268 votes

Forza Azzurri
Pierluigi Caputo 11,571 votes
Giacomo Crinò 6,965 votes

Courage Italy
Francesco De Nisi 9,158 votes
Salvatore Cirillo 3,247 votes

Brothers of Italy
Fausto Orsomarso 9.050 votes
Giuseppe Neri 5,886 votes
Antonio Montuoro 5,241 votes
Luciana De Francesco 4,565 votes

Filippo Mancuso 6,894 votes
Simona Loizzo 5,360 votes
Pietro Raso 5,357 votes
Giuseppe Gelardi 4,991 votes

Giuseppe Graziano 7,064 votes


Democratic party
Nicola Irto 10,333 votes
Francesco Alecci 8,744 votes
Franco Iacucci 6,738 votes
Domenico Bevacqua 6,303 votes
Raffaele Mammoliti 6,030 votes

Davide Tavernise 2.501 votes
Francesco Afflitto 1,897 votes

De Magistris president

Ferdinando Laghi 3,726 votes
Antonio Lo Schiavo 2,411 votes

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