Arrived in Milan, here are the candidates. Negotiations this afternoon

Arrived in Milan, here are the candidates. Negotiations this afternoon

by Fabio Massa

Given that the mayor has won by storm, now it’s time to go back to the phrase “it’s the junta that counts”. Because it really is the junta that now counts as a political decision. And forecasts are wasted. Beppe Sala chooses the continuity line with Anna Scavuzzo, on the strength of the fact that it is second of the elected officials, which overshadows the enormous mistakes made during the pandemic and the last phase of the electoral campaign (which made the LGBT community in the Lazzaretto area very angry).

The theme is always that of Pierfrancesco Maran. He is the first of the elect, of all the elect of all parties. When asked by Affari Sala replies by saying that he wants to make him grow like Pierfrancesco Majorino (who, however, grew up going to the European Parliament, with the help of Sala, and today there are no votes in sight shortly). So the rumors tell of a proposal that Mayor Sala will most likely advance in the afternoon to the Pd secretariat for Maran prime minister. A proposal that, however, will be sent back to the sender, and at that point it will be necessary to return to reasoning on a delegation – albeit in discontinuity with the previous ones – or on another third role that for now is not identified, given the fact that the reconfirmed mayor has also closed the road to the 2016 Olympics (“I don’t think I need anything on that subject”).

He obviously enters the totonomi Lamberto Bertolè, who could replace Filippo del Corno in culture, if he were to win the potential derby with Massimiliano Tarantino, general manager of Feltrinelli, whom Sala knows well for personal reasons. Then there is Gaia Romani, fourth of the elected: for her the way could open up to a councilorship that is not binding from an administrative point of view but formative from a political point of view.

Then there is the Hall list. It seems quite obvious that in addition it enters Emmanuel Conte in place of Roberto Tasca at the Financial Statements, e Martina Riva in another department of weight. The Reformists would like Giulia Pastorella to come, given the excellent result and given that Lisa Noja will hardly leave her post as a member of parliament. Open speech also on Alessia Cappello, who did not run in the elections but who is highly esteemed by the mayor.

The technicians, who would be loyal to Sala but also to the Pd area, close the picture. The mayor wants to go fast “until it’s all settled I can’t rest, and I want to rest,” he said. Negotiations begin this afternoon.

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Arrived Milan candidates Negotiations afternoon

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