‘Blue success in Fvg, Forza Italia starts again from here’

‘Blue success in Fvg, Forza Italia starts again from here’
‘Blue success in Fvg, Forza Italia starts again from here’

“Mayors reconfirmed by popular acclaim and excellent results for the list, decisive for the success of the coalition candidates. Forza Italia in Friuli Venezia Giulia confirms itself as a government force, proving the ability of our movement to intercept what is the true demand of the voters, an economic recovery that cannot ignore the defeat of the pandemic with the weapons available: vaccines. Forza Italia restarts from Friuli Venezia Giulia ”. Thus the deputy and coordinator of Forza Italia Fvg Sandra Savino commenting on the administrative results.

“From Bertiolo to Vivaro, passing through Palazzolo dello Stella and Tarcento, the first citizens of Forza Italia reap the fruits of their good governance with confirmations that go beyond the rosiest forecasts. And the result obtained from the Forza Italia lists is also exceptional: 18.7% from Latisana, 12.8% from Pordenone, 11.8% from Tarcento, 9.9% from Grado, 8.4 from Trieste, the best result of Forza Italia in all the capitals of the region called to vote. A sign of the rediscovered and renewed centrality of our movement and of its role as the center of gravity of the coalition “, continues the regional coordinator of Forza Italia.

“A consensus born of Silvio Berlusconi’s foresight, of the consistency of the entire ruling class in holding the rudder firmly in the center even when the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, and obviously of ours and our candidates in the area, to which my thanks go for their great commitment to their results and those of Forza Italia. Candidates who, in Trieste and San Vito al Tagliamento, will not lack their support for the reconfirmation of the mayor Dipiazza and for a victory that would have the flavor of history “, concludes Savino.

“If the victories have many fathers, that of the center-right in Pordenone has mainly two: the highly reconfirmed mayor and the decisive contribution given by the Forza Italia-Udc-Pordenone Civica list”. This was stated by the senator of Forza Italia Franco Dal Mas commenting on the data of the administrative consultation.

“The results speak for themselves: Ciriani has increased the votes despite the drop in turnout. A sign that the people of Pordenone appreciated his work and recognized the mayor’s undeniable ability to govern. A success, that of Ciriani – adds the blue senator – who also benefits from the consensus gathered from the Forza Italia-Udc-Pordenone Civica list. A result that first of all rewards the great work of all the candidates on our list. My thanks go to them for having believed, in a certainly not favorable climate, in a political project as well as an administrative one ”, urges Dal Mas.

“Let’s make no secret: the vote on our list is in part significant son of the convinced adhesion to the government, strongly desired by Silvio Berlusconi, to the coherent and uncompromising position on vaccines, to the attention towards an economic recovery that inevitably passes from the results of the vaccination campaign . A consistency that has rewarded, here as in many other realities of our region, marking a break with the recent past that it would be deleterious not to recognize: the sirens of populism are increasingly lowering their voices, Forza Italia and the center-right have the skills and the ruling class to face and win new challenges ”, concludes Dal Mas.

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