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The new project for the Camerino Muti at the Arcimboldi Theater will bear the signature of the Calvi Ceschia Viganò Associated Architects studio of Sanremo. The Matuzians are the winners of the competition which in a first phase led to redesigning the dressing rooms of the prestigious theater.

Their Camerino n.3 ‘Diorama’ is the one that received the most votes among the 17 in the race. A satisfaction for these professionals, the only representatives for Liguria and the province of Imperia. The contest, entitled, ‘No entry ‘ was conceived by Giulia Pellegrino and promoted by Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan, the largest Italian theater, designed at the beginning of the century by Vittorio Gregotti. The 17 competing studios have worked free of charge to give new life to the dressing rooms of the theater, magical and secret places where actors, singers, dancers, musicians get ready to enter the scene.

This victory opens up an even more important new challenge. “We are proud and honored. It was a victory that honored us but rewarded the commitment of a whole category of people who still believe in the values ​​of culture, which theater expresses perfectly” – commented by Studio Calvi Ceschia Viganò.

“The solidarity that has been created in recent months has been the real prize. – they add – The theater has been transformed into an industrious and supportive hive, which thanks to the collaboration of workers and architects, in a continuous exchange of roles, has brought this project to an end. We hope that this experiment can become a virtuous example for a city in which culture, design and architecture have always been and I hope they can also be in the future, a common pride.“.

“We would like to thank the partners who have made their resources available free of charge and all those who have supported us with their votes allowing us to discuss with a new challenge: that of designing the “Camerino Muti”, the largest in the theater, located on the stage floor, dedicated to the famous orchestra master who first inaugurated it when the theater opened in 2002. – remember – The promise is to complete this second episode of a wonderful adventure with the same commitment and enthusiasm “.


Sanremo architects studio redesign Muti dressing room Arcimboldi Theater Sanremonewsit

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