Damiano Carrara opens his first pastry shop in Italy

October 5, 2021

from Silvia Pace

He is the pastry chef of two worlds: Damiano Carrara he first found his fortune in California, where he owns three stores, then he achieved success on TV in the shows of the Discovery group: Bake Off Italia – Sweets in the oven, Cake Star, Out of Menu e Tarabaralla – as long as there is sweet there is hope. Now that was a star of the small screen he decided to open his first Damiano Carrara Atelier in Italy and chose his hometown: Lucca.

The shop

The shop in Via Matteo Civitali is a dream come true for the charming pastry chef and the sign of a new beginning for a sector, such as that of catering, which still licks its wounds after the Covid 19 emergency. The Damiano store Carrara is a Atelier in the true sense of the word for the elegance of the interiors: the furnishings play on shades of pink and cream with golden details. The stand out large fridge showcase in the center of the room where you can eat with your eyes the sweet creations of pastry chef Carrara and the open laboratory so as not to miss a single stage of preparation. A total immersive experience, tailor-made for the customer: Carrara stimulates all five senses and not just the taste. The confectionery proposals focus on excellent products, often supplied by small local producers. Fresh raw materials e seasonal able to tickle both the palate and the sense of smell: here is a fragrance created for Carrara with vanilla and cinnamon blossom extracts for a journey that touches the East from Madagascar. To stimulate the touch the refined packaging and the captivating texture.

Atelier Damiano Carrara was born to create the perfect recipe for you, to really let you into my world for the first time. The project was born from me, together with my collaborators, and obviously to all of you. Unity is strength and this Atelier that bears my signature represents the commitment and work of many people who, united, believed in and carried out this project – declares Damiano CarraraI wanted to open in Italy after many years abroad, driven by the desire to believe in this new adventure carried out with courage and perseverance in one of the most difficult moments in modern history. I chose my Lucca to breathe the air of my Tuscany and to kick off this new beginning from the places of my origins “.

For the activity in Lucca Damiano Carrara has created recipes intended for everyone: they are gluten-free thanks to the use of rice flour, rice and corn starch and lactose-free. In short, natural, good products that enhance even little-known ingredients for an activity that honors Italy, companies and national products. FromAtelier they go out every day baking cakes, fresh cakes, single portions, pralines, dragees and spreads (hazelnut, pistachio, almond), chocolate bars (70% dark, Papua New Guinea Milk 204 or White 111), jams and marmalades (apricots, lime and vanilla, figs, peach jam snacks and pink pepper, lemon and turmeric jam).

At the moment the only way to enjoy Damiano Carrara’s desserts is to plan one transfer to Lucca but soon the confectionery specialties will be available online alongside a special merchandising: aprons for adults and children and air freshener for environments with DC Atelier fragrance created ad hoc by Damiano.

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