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City in revolt against Salvini and Meloni’s bla bla bla

City in revolt against Salvini and Meloni’s bla bla bla
City in revolt against Salvini and Meloni’s bla bla bla

A slap to the Lega by Matteo Salvini, a trip to the cousins ​​of Orbán by Giorgia Meloni, a slap to the old M5s, a caress to the Pd by Enrico Letta, a smile to the Forza Italia of Cav., A slap in the center of Carlo Calenda. We know that the administrative ones are worth what they are worth and what happens in big cities does not always necessarily have a symmetrical reflection on a national level.. The parties that win in the cities, it is clear, do not always win in the regions and the parties that win in the regions are not always the ones that later establish themselves in the rest of the country. But when certain trends show themselves with a certain constancy, it is inevitable to try to transform a local vote into a national election. And in this case, the twelve million Italians who between Sunday and Monday went to vote to choose the mayors of important municipalities such as Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Trieste, and of important regions such as Calabria, some interesting indications they offered it, even before looking at all the footage.

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City revolt Salvini Melonis bla bla bla

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