is among the protagonists of the investigation on the Brothers of Italy

is among the protagonists of the investigation on the Brothers of Italy
is among the protagonists of the investigation on the Brothers of Italy

Chiara Valcepina enters the city council in Milan. The candidate of the Brothers of Italy ended up in the Fanpage investigation on the financing of the electoral campaign of the party led by Giorgia Meloni. But with the five seats assigned to the Brothers of Italy in Milan, both she and Francesco Rocca enter the city council. 903 preferences went to the first, 606 to Rocca. The party led by Giorgia Meloni wins 9.76% of the votes in the city, just below the League, which reaches 10.74%. Recordman of preferences among the candidates, the journalist Vittorio Feltri, leader, elected with 2,268 preferences. Riccardo Truppo and Andrea Mascaretti also enter.

Municipal, the cursed week of the center-right to vote: from Morisi to the video on Fdi

The outgoing councilor Maran (PD) the most voted

With over 9000 preferences, the outgoing councilor of the Democratic Party Pierfrancesco Maran is the most voted in the administrative elections of Milan. Behind him the outgoing deputy mayor Anna Scavuzzo, who always exceeds the 4500 votes of the Democratic Party, a party that alone reaches 152 thousand votes, a thousand fewer than those taken by the entire coalition that supported Luca Bernardo. For the party of Enrico Letta the result of the outgoing president of the municipal council Lamberto Bertolé was also good and the fourth place of Gaia Romani, 25, coordinator of democratic women of the Milanese Democratic Party, was surprising.

The Beppe List also went very well Living room Mayor who reached 9% by having five councilors elected, including the two leaders Emmanuel Conte and the young Martina Riva, and also the two leaders of the Reformists Lisa Noja (deputy of Italia Viva) and Giulia Pastorella (Action). In this list only 138 votes for the former cycling champion Gianni Bugno and also the conductor Alberto Veronesi, son of the oncologist Umberto, outside the board. For the center-right, the most voted was Silvia Sardone, MEP of the League who exceeded 3500 preferences, followed by Vittorio Feltri, leader of the Brothers of Italy voted by 2200 voters. On the other hand, the leaders of the Lega Annarosa Racca, president of Federfarma Lombardia, was bad, only sixth on his list with 964 preferences.


among protagonists investigation Brothers Italy

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