“You have to stop it, damn”, the ‘stolen’ phrase – Libero Quotidiano

“You have to stop it, damn”, the ‘stolen’ phrase – Libero Quotidiano
“You have to stop it, damn”, the ‘stolen’ phrase – Libero Quotidiano

Shoulder strap, I sink, M5s disaster in local elections. Not only Rome, where Virginia Raggi it remains light years away from the ballot. The point is that the party led by Giuseppe Conte shoulder strap everywhere. Historical lows. And so, against the M5s, it rains the sharp irony of Strip the News, all in the post-election episode, the one broadcast on Canale 5 on the evening of Monday 4 October.

The irony is that of Dario Ballantini e Sergio Friscia, imitators of Beppe Grillo e Giuseppe Conte. And the dialogue between the two is surreal. “My Conte’s girls are beautiful … I’ll let you do the parliamentary groupies”, begins the fake-Count who is buffered by two girls. At that point the fake-Grillo breaks in: “But you want to finish it, damn it, to say bullshit? He makes jokes and we don’t know what will become of it Virginia Raggi if he is no longer mayor. What do we make her do? “” And what do I know … I can take her on my staff. I have a lot of work to do “, replies the former prime minister, then literally taken by the ears by the comedian.

Scene change. Here is Conte who sells popcorn outside Parliament. “Seeing what a nice job I got for you? When you’re done here go sell things with Luigi Di Maio at the stadium. Finally both of you will count for something: the money from the earnings, damn it … “, Beppe Grillo shoots him. And again, the comedian adds referring to Virginia Raggi:” He can’t collect the garbage, just imagine how many votes he can collect “. Conte complains: “Come on, give me a hand …”. “Do you want a hand? Here she is”, and down with the slap. A grotesque but fitting synthesis of the moment that the grillini are experiencing.

Strip, teased at the M5s: here the video

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stop damn stolen phrase Libero Quotidiano

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