lost 2 out of three voters

lost 2 out of three voters
lost 2 out of three voters

From the “gentle revolution” launched in the triumph of 2016 to the violence of the flames of the Iron Bridge which now symbolize the conclusion of a parable and which serve as a bonfire of lost illusions, along five years of a mayor lived as an uninterrupted and burning sequel of difficulty. For her and especially for the Romans. The curtain closes on Rays. Which, however (at the third moment) still wants to fight: “I will not support anyone in the ballot”. Which means frost towards the Pd. And big problem inside M5S, because while Conte sends signals to Gualtieri and to the dem, promising their support, Virginia is of a completely different opinion and is not alone in this strongly anti-Democratic mood. After all, after having claimed that “the suburbs are still on my side”, she still accuses: “The battleships on the right and left are against me.”

Communal, the Rays era sets in Rome

Then he leaves the electoral committee, without accepting questions. She is now out of the game. Rome had to be, in the strategy of the grillini, the starter of the seizure of power in all of Italy, and so it was, but it went badly on both sides. The honor of arms must be paid to the mayor, and woe to rage on those who lose, but the end of rayonism has not come because she is (self-definition) “an uncomfortable character”, an enemy of mafias and political parties, and it is not even due to the events of Spelacchio or his faux pas. No, the conclusion of this experiment to the cry “we are the people” is connected to the conditions of livability and mobility that have proved very difficult for the Romans in recent years. Politics has little to do with it, the problem was technical and administrative lack of preparation. There is this in the strong rejection of the Rays in the urns and in the unwillingness of the Romans to give her an encore.

Municipal Rome, the Center with Gualtieri, Michetti well at the Eur. Lists: Calenda in the lead

PROMISES Rayonism as a promise of change, as the primacy of freshness against encrustations and illegalities, has been breaking down on the rocks of reality. That of a capital in need above all of competence and healthy pragmatism free from ideologisms and moralisms – Good versus Evil, rhetoric held until the last meeting of the Rays last Friday at the Bocca della Verità: “Before Rome was the Mafia, now Rome is Rome – and the absence of this approach has determined the verdict of these hours. The Romans chose something else or in any case did not go to the polls, especially in the suburbs that were to be the strong point of the Rays. And that’s where the mayor’s dream of succeeding herself was shattered.

Elections Rome, Calenda already relaunches: my centrist treasure to divide the Pd and M5S

The Raggi lost about half a million votes, two out of three voters would not have voted it back – if the projections are confirmed – compared to the 2016 triumph: a huge defeat, never happened to any outgoing mayor of Rome in these proportions. The experiment attempted 5 years ago has therefore proved ineffective. To the point of making the capital retreat both in ordinary management – the wild boars that collect garbage in place of the Ama, and before that the “conspiracy of refrigerators” abandoned along the streets, the disorder of the shacks, of the undergrowth, of the decor and everything this exploded together with the Iron Bridge – both in the image in the eyes of Italy and the world. And the positivity also came late: as in the case of the deserving promotion of Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030, an out-of-time admission of the grave error of having said no to the chance of the Olympics.

THE PATIENCE OF THE ROMANS The Romans legitimately wanted to try. But now the test tube containing the Rays version of grillismo – with Beppe making forays into the capital acting as a master – has now been sent to the archive. What will remain of this experiment? Very little. But a very important fact should be noted: the Rays has defused the evil relationship between politics and business. To this it must be added, however, that the slogan “honesty-honesty-honesty” is valid as a natural prerequisite of any policy but cannot summarize everything and cover a lack of management attitude. From now on, the future of Raggi, which still retains a hard core of orthodox grillini, will all be played within the 5Stelle. Grillo in the final call to vote on Friday evening had predicted defeat: “But if you lose, dear Virginia, there is already a role for you in the leadership of the movement.” A role that can be easily imagined as follows: Raggi, as a member of the Committee of Guarantors, Grillo’s true counter-power to Conte’s leadership, will be the thorn in the side of the people’s advocate. Probably in league with the now ex Davide Casaleggio (coincidentally he reappeared yesterday with a post while M5S was collapsing) and Di Battista. But these are internal things to the starry. The landscape of Rome left by the mayor is what really matters. And the landscape, as the Romans said in the secret of the urn, is desertified. Some intervention in the cleaning of public works contracts – which took time to redo the roads, and in fact the construction sites were only opened a few weeks before these elections – and in the municipal companies it was unfortunately filled with so much chaos made up of judicial inquiries (from Marra to Lanzalone, to Raggi herself, later acquitted), of seventeen councilors who resigned, of buses on fire, of unanswered emergencies: occupied houses, evictions not done.

Municipal elections, Giorgia Meloni wins the derby with the League. “Now an FdI traction right”

THE COMMISSIONING As an excuse for the Raggi, who however at one point was commissioned by an M5S mini-directorate, it must be said that the general lament for the decline of Rome was not accompanied by a mobilization of professional and civic forces to the improvement of the destinies of the city. The solitude of the Rays on the one hand and the lack of a new protagonism of the bourgeoisie on the other: this mix did not do anyone any good. But more: victimhood. From uncollected garbage to the invasion of wild boars, an attempt was made to attribute problems and disservices to the Region. Here, the absence of collaboration between the Rays and the president Zingaretti is to be marked as one of the deficits of this syndicate, not to be repeated in the next one. As for the new Roma stadium, it has suffered several delays, including the stop to the Tor di Valle project. The mayor hoped to close his mandate with the identification of the area where it will rise, but the owners of Rome have decided that they will wait for the new mayor. Which, even in the light of what has been said so far, will have an immense task to perform. There will be a lot to learn from Virginia’s mistakes and also to translate that love for the capital that, after all, the Rays was not lacking in a portentous surplus of effectiveness.


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