Italy leaves Puigdemont free, no extradition – Europe

Italy leaves Puigdemont free, no extradition – Europe
Italy leaves Puigdemont free, no extradition – Europe

The proceedings before the Sassari Court of Appeal for the extradition to Spain of the former President of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont are suspended until the European Court of Justice clarifies the validity of his immunity and the preliminary ruling raised by the Spanish Supreme Court against the Belgian justice, which on two occasions did not execute the extradition request made by Spain for the same crimes charged to Puigdemont, questioning the ownership of the Supreme Court with respect to that provision.
Salomonica, halfway between a non-place to provide and an invitation to the international authorities to resolve the issue once and for all, the decision of the college – president Salvatore Marinaro, alongside Plinia Azzena and Maria Teresa Lupinu – came after more than two hours of Council chamber. Puigdemont, arrested on 23 September upon his arrival at Alghero airport, the only Italian city with a Catalan identity and language, was released after a night spent in the Sassari prison. Returning to Sardinia yesterday to submit to the judgment of the Italian authorities, today he arrived just before 11 in the Court of Appeal, welcomed by more than one hundred Sardinian, Corsican, Basque and Catalan separatists. Things went well for him immediately: both his lawyer, the Sassari lawyer Agostinangelo Marras, and the deputy attorney general Gabriella Pintus urged the suspension sine die.
After the hearing Puigdemont talked to the demonstrators, dispensing smiles and satisfaction. “I’m very happy”, the only words spoken at the exit. Then in the press conference convened in Alghero, the MEP thundered: “This political persecution is not worthy of a European democracy. The attempt to prevent me from doing politics, from running as a candidate, from talking about the political conflict between Spain and Catalonia is unacceptable”. Among other things, Puigdemont insisted, “the persecution prevents a political solution to the conflict concerning the recognition of the right to self-determination”. The current president of the Catalan Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, also thinks: “Justice in Europe is still positioned against the repression of the state, this persecution will only stop with amnesty and self-determination”. Also present today in Sassari are two other exponents of Catalan independence, Clara Ponsatí and Toni Comín, former councilors with Puigdemont and today MEPs. The two were joined by the news that the Spanish judge Pablo Llarena reminded his Sassari colleagues that an arrest warrant is still pending on their heads. Sudden co-stars, the two celebrated with Puigdemont and rejected the magistrate’s claims. “Our immunity of movement is active and the arrest warrant against us is suspended, Llarena himself has asked the opinion of the Court of Justice of the EU”, Comín told the Spanish press present in Sassari.
The one who tried unsuccessfully to be the protagonist today was Vox. In recent days, the ultra-nationalists of the right have filed a writ of summons before the Court of Appeal to be constituted before the hearing, but its leaders and its lawyers immediately emerged from the judicial affair. “The Court deemed it necessary to exclude them on the basis of the Italian procedural code and the rules governing the extradition procedure,” explained the lawyer Marras. “The judges considered that Vox did not have a title,” he added, referring to why the delegation, which arrived quietly on the island, was not admitted to the hearing.


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Italy leaves Puigdemont free extradition Europe

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